Gilmore Girls Project: Season Seven, That’s What You Get, Folks, for Makin’ Whoopie

Season Seven

Episode One Hundred Thirty-Three: “That’s What You Get, Folks, for Makin’ Whoopie”

Original Airdate: October 3, 2006

Mexico sucks. Lane returns from her honeymoon with a fifty attitude toward sex, and intestinal parasite, and a souvenir. And Luke has a tough time telling T.J. and Liz that his engagement disengaged.

“Loin fruit.” HA! I think I’m going to call my kids that. If you don’t know what I’m talking about see the quotes below.

Yay! Lane and Zack are back from their honeymoon! And her “souvenir” is the best! Well, it’s not the best for like, say me, who is done having children, but Lane is going to be a great mom! And I love how her pregnancy brings her closer and closer to Mrs. Kim who is going to be a great grandma.

Aside from that . . . Oh! I forgot about Kirks! Love Kirks. I would totally go to Kirks. I would eat there every morning.

Moving on . . .

I get that Luke is angry and I get that he has a reason to be, but his behavior in most of this episode is just awful. He does sort of redeem himself at the end in the grocery store, but he never owns up to his part in the demise of the break up. He never admits that he made HUGE mistakes.

It’s kind of annoying.

Funny Quotes:

RORY: So why’d you get up so early?
LORELAI: Mm, well, couldn’t sleep. And, initially, I was at a loss. How would I pass the time until my one and only offspring, the fruit of my loins…
RORY: Too early.
LORELAI: …Loin fruit that she is, straggled out of bed to grace me with her presence? But then I asked myself, “W.W.T.B.F.C.D.?” And it came to me in a flash. “I’m gonna make waffles.”
RORY: “What would the barefoot Contessa do?”
LORELAI: Exactly
RORY: Barefoot’s one word.
LORELAI: Shut up, loin fruit.

SOOKIE: Are you saying told Luke about Christopher?
LORELAI: Yes. What did you think I was talking about?
SOOKIE: I don’t know. I’m hoping there’s something that I forgot, like maybe you were debating on whether or not to tell Kirk the difference between antiperspirant and deodorant. You told Luke about Christopher?

LORELAI: Yeah, the old Asia. The first attempt, I like to call it. The prototype.
RORY: Asia’s a lot smaller than I thought, more intimate. And more fragrant.
LORELAI: Yes well, Miss Patty donated a bottle of her opium perfume, and I spritzed it around a little.
RORY: A little.
LORELAI: Well, little at first, and then I tripped on my flip-flop and broke the bottle.

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