Gilmore Girls Project: Season Seven, The Long Morrow

Season Seven

Episode One Hundred Thirty-Two: “The Long Morrow”

Original Airdate: September 26, 2006

From bed to worse. The morning after her blowup with Luke, Lorelai wakes up next to . . . well, someone else. And complications definitely ensure. Logan leaves Rory a puzzling parting gift.

Well, here we are another season (and the last *sniff sniff* don’t remind me). Lots is going on in this season opener. Logan is now in London and although we get a few scenes of him and Rory talking on the phone, we don’t get any of them together. At least not in this one. Boo. Hoo. Sometimes I still can’t figure out why Rory didn’t just go to London for the summer. Or maybe even a couple of weeks. Sure, Logan was starting a new job, but they did fine with school. Plus, people work and spend time with their boyfriends/girlfriends, husbands/wives every day. What’s the big deal?

One thing about this episode is if you didn’t cry on the season finale, then you might cry on this scene . . .

I know there are people who don’t like season seven because it had different writers and they say the new writers took the show in a different direction. While I agree they threw in the wrenches, I think they circled it back fine. Now, the revival is a different story. Those WERE totally different from the show. Like I don’t even know what that writer lady was thinking with those revival episodes. And of course, her famous last words. They still make me mad. But, those are emotions for another day since right now we are focusing on this episode.

And back to The Long Morrow.

It’s just a sad episode. Period.

What did you think of it?

Funny Quotes:

BABETTE: You know Adrian Bittenberg’s daughter, Becky? She got a huge mouth.
LORELAI: Becky is not a gossip.
BABETTE: But she has a huge mouth. And she and Eileen Whitewin were behind Doose’s market seeing how many devil dogs Becky could stuff in there, and when she got up to four, completely cut off her oxygen. So Eileen went running over to Luke’s to see if she could get some help, and then she saw the two of you screaming at each other.
LORELAI: I’m glad she had the presence of mind to listen in on our argument while her friend was choking to death.

RORY: We didn’t break up.
PARIS: You didn’t?
RORY: No. Why would you say that?
PARIS: I don’t know, wealthy, good-looking, hedonistic heir to billion-dollar, multinational media conglomerate moves to London and spends nights pining away for his college girlfriend? Who’s watching that movie?

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