Gilmore Girls Project: Season Six, Driving Miss Gilmore

Season Six

Episode One Hundred Thirty: “Driving Miss Gilmore

Original Airdate: May 2, 2006

Lorelai chauffeurs Emily, who’s recovering from eye surgery. Paris and Doyle take care of Logan, home from the hospital. And Sookie and Jackson try to play it cool as they dispose of bags and bags of pot someone grew on their property.

So, it’s looking like Luke and Lorelai are on the downward spiral to Splitsville, destination a break up. Considering we are on the second to the last episode of the season six, I’m sure we are in for a doozy of a ride too. I suppose the writing has been on the wall since April showed up. Still though, it’s going to hurt.

At least we have a renewed love with Rory and Logan to keep us warm and fuzzy. Or at least we did until he’s supposed to jet off to London. Super.

Of course, we also have Sookie, Jackson, and sixty pounds of weed to entertain us too. I tried to find the video for that scene but I can’t. It’s a major bummer because all the scenes with them in it are hilarious.

I do love that Richard and Emily had or were going to buy that house for Luke and Lorelai. It’s such a sweet gesture and it made me sad that it made her cry. It also made me mad at Luke, April, and the stupid writers who brought in her plot line! Ugh.

Funny Quotes:

RICHARD: [Entering the room] I’m sorry about that. I left work early today, and apparently, that caused everyone’s I.Q.S to drop 60 points. My food is gone.
EMILY: The girls were fighting.
RICHARD: I told you not to serve spaghetti and meatballs. They always fight when we have spaghetti and meatballs.
LORELAI: That’s not true.
RORY: We fight just as much when we have Chinese food.
EMILY: Can we please talk about something besides food?
LORELAI: Starvation, scurvy, the Donner party.

RICHARD: The Rory Gilmore cultural center.
EMILY: The Rory Gilmore auditorium.
RORY: Um can I interject for just a second?
LORELAI: Go ahead. I dare you.
While I think it’s very generous of both of you to want to do this for me…
EMILY: The Rory Gilmore observatory.
RORY: …I still go to Yale, so having something with my name on it might be kind of…
RICHARD: The Rory Gilmore center for international affairs.
EMILY: Oh, wait, the Rory Gilmore library.
RICHARD: And art gallery.
EMILY: And ancient-history museum.
LORELAI: Forget it, kid, grandma and grandpa have gone bye-bye.
RICHARD: The Rory Gilmore medical research laboratory.
EMILY: No that sounds like monkey tests, people will picket.

LORELAI: Please stop that, Michel.
MICHEL: Oh, I cannot. I cannot stop this for a very, very long time. I buy milk from the organic dairy down the way. The nonfat milk has a blue top, blue. Today I find out that they have accidentally been putting red tops on the nonfat milk and blue on the 2%, 2%! For the last two weeks, I have been drinking 2% milk in my coffee every single day.
LORELAI: Insert gasp here.
MICHEL: That’s two full weeks of two cups of coffee a day. It used to be one cup, but then, suddenly, the coffee started tasting so good, I added an afternoon jolt, and now I find out I’ve been consuming an extra billion calories a week.
LORELAI: At least it hasn’t affected your ability to do math.

LIZ: Amazing. I am over the moon.
LUKE: Well, sit, sit. You’re in a delicate state.
LIZ: I am gonna take care of myself this time, big brother. I’m gonna do all the healthy things for me I did not do last time I was pregnant, like not binge drink.

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