Gilmore Girls Project: Season Six, A Vineyard Valentine

Season Six

Episode One Hundred Twenty-Four: “A Vineyard Valentine”

Original Airdate: February 14, 2006

Hearts and glowers. A Valentine’s Day weekend at Martha’s Vineyard brings out the petty in Luke, the magnanimous in Logan, and the domineering in Mitchum Huntzberger.

I’ve always loved this episode. Only because it really shows Rory and Logan’s life. Plus, I guess it’s just the glamour of it all. Whisking yourself away to some huge mansion on a beautiful island, jogging in the morning, getting delicious scones for breakfast in bed. Hitting the gym, and then best part, lobsters grilled on the back porch for dinner. No jobs. No responsibilities. Well, that is until stupid Mitchum arrives. Bleh.

Sometimes I wonder if my whole Team Logan phase during the show didn’t have to do with the fact that there was always some secret envy of Rory having a rich boyfriend.

I will say the one crappy thing about this episode is Luke’s behavior and attitude the whole episode. Or at least until they had the talk about things. Of course, I don’t think Luke heard anything she said because as soon as word about April coming to Stars Hollow again comes up, Luke again pushes Lorelai away. Again. Did I mention I really don’t like the whole April plot line?

Funny Quotes:

RORY: What’s with the flaming accordion in the background?
LORELAI: Oh, it’s my new friend, Boozoo, which is cajun for “won’t leave.”
RORY: Explain.
LORELAI: It’s a zydeco band I’d arranged to audition for the wedding, and once they’re holding their instruments, they can’t not play and, apparently, they can’t stop. Oh, they stopped.
RORY: Good.
LORELAI: I mean they haven’t had food or water in two hours. It makes sense that they’d have to…
BOOZOO: [OS] here comes the bride
LORELAI: Torture me.

LORELAI: You know anyone in the market for a wedding? It’s planned and paid for.
RORY: You’ll have your wedding, eventually.
LORELAI: I guess.
RORY: Mom, you’ll have your wedding.
LORELAI: I don’t know anymore. Luke’s been so busy with April lately. I mean it’s good and all. It’s the right thing to do. She’s his daughter. But I just… I’m bummed, kid.

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