Gilmore Girls Project: Season Six, Just like Gwen and Gavin

Season Six

Episode One Hundred Twenty-One: “Just like Gwen and Gavin”

Original Airdate: January 17, 2005

Getting an education. Taylor Doose learns the Winter Carnival can be a success without him. Paris learns the Yale Daily News staff loathes and fears her. And Lorelai learns Luke has a daughter.

Ugh. I really hate the episodes where Rory and Logan are broken up. I also hate the episodes where I know Luke is lying to Lorelai. Not to mention I didn’t really like the whole plot line with April anyway. I mean, it seems just thrown in there. Like they were grasping at straws on how to create drama and keep Luke and Lorelai apart so they could get another season. Which of course they did and it wasn’t received well because of the writers. But that’s a whole other soapbox, given the state of the revival. Again, another soapbox. They are just hard episodes and with Luke telling her he wants to push back the wedding after it’s all planned . . . I think that’s more painful then watching Paris be editor.

And of course, we have this scene. Talk about a gut check moment. Ugh.

But moving on. I couldn’t imagine being a syrup taster. Ugh. That would make me so sick. I don’t know how people do it. Like put it on a pancake or something. But to just sip it from a cup? Bleh.

Have you ever wondered why Lorelai wrote in the letter to Rory after Logan went to visit her? Well, look no further. I have it.

Here is what is says . . .

“Dear Rory, So, right now you are reading my sealed words of wisdom as the tormented, foolish (but persistent) cad hangs off every nuance of your reactions, his heart and mind in a dizzying flurry of questions as to how the outcome will play out…

As you read this, delight in the knowledge that this love-sick pup before you does not have a clue… Now, ordinarily, after a fool has taken my daughter’s love for granted, if I did not kill him through a slow and excruciatingly painful death, I would instruct my daughter, much like Miss Havisham did to Estella in ‘Great Expectations’, to be cold blooded and calculating, to dash his hopes, and to crush him.

However, the decision is all yours to make. Love is elusive and all-encompassing; when you fall under its intoxicating spell, you have little recourse but to live out its devices. If you love this boy, maybe you want to give it another chance…?

Good luck, love you, Mom.”

I do love that Zack confronts Mrs. Kim, and yet she turns it back on him, pretty much giving him permission to fight for Lane and win her heart back.

Funny Quotes:

LUKE: Because you didn’t know that. Don’t trust anyone, OK? Anyone.
APRIL: OK (puts her bike helmet on the counter), then I should go lock my bike. (starts to exit but Luke stops her)
LUKE: No, you don’t have to lock it.
APRIL: You just said I can’t trust anyone.
LUKE: You don’t have to lock your bike. This is a safe town.
APRIL: Well, I’m confused.

RORY: And I come bearing gifts. Laundry galore. Oh, and I’ve got some candles and some fancy fruit, too. (she comes in the kitchen loaded with stuff) I don’t know who Harry and David are, but they sure do know how to grow a pear. (groans a bit as she carries her stuff in her room) So, your letter? Oh, my God. It was brilliant. It has got to be anthologized. I’m telling you. And he definitely did not read it because he looked flummoxed. (Lorelai sits on a chair and hold her face in her hands) Flummoxed! The whole time I was reading it, and I didn’t tell him a thing about it. That’s what he gets. So, come on. I want to hear all about his visit with you. (Rory comes back out to the kitchen and notices Lorelai) Mom?

LORELAI: Luke has a daughter.
RORY: And we’ll talk about the letter later. What!? (walks over to the table and sits next to Lorelai)
LORELAI: He has a twelve-year-old daughter. I met her today, well I didn’t formally meet her, but I saw and I talked to her.

RORY: Well, it’s very flattering. You know, I can man this myself if you don’t feel like being here.
LORELAI: No, it’s good for me. Nothing is a better distraction than a dog in a turban, telling fortunes.
RORY: It’s a cliche for a reason.
LORELAI: (starts yelling to advertise the booth) Come see the Amazing Doggy Swami. Discover your future…
RORY: If you dare.
LORELAI: It’s silly.
RORY: And fun.
LORELAI: And real. Very, very real. (stares pointedly at the tarot cards reader on the next booth)

BABETTE:Yeah, poor Morey couldn’t make it. I made him drink thirty bottles of coke last night for the game here, so he’s still throwing up. And then I ended up not using ’em. Shame, huh? But I’ll tell him you said “hi”.

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