Gilmore Girls Project: Season Six, He’s Slippin’ ‘Em Bread . . . Dig?

Season Six

Episode One Hundred Nineteen: “He’s Slipping’ ‘Em Bread . . . Dig?”

Original Airdate: November 22, 2005

Thanksgiving arrives and, after months of emotional turmoil, all is well on Planet Gilmore. Except for one teeny issue: Luke doesn’t know how to tell Lorelai about his daughter. Lane’s band plays a showcase.

I kind of like this episode for a few reasons. One of which it focuses a lot on Lane’s band and, so, of course, we get more scenes with Sebastian Bach. Yay! He has some one liners in this episode that are hilarious too. You can check the quotes below.

Moving on . . .

We finally see Christopher again after all this time, but thankfully he comes bearing news. Really good news that gets Rory out of a tight spot with her Grandparents and Yale. I still wonder exactly how much money the guy gets. Hmm . . . I wonder if there is speculation roaming around somewhere on the interwebs . . .

Guess what, there is. Some are saying it was assumed to be about $50 million. *gasp* I didn’t think it was that much. Good grief.

What else can I say about the episode. I didn’t really care for how they downplayed Thanksgiving. As my favorite holiday, I was a bit bummed. I did like how they had dinner and all, but it was kind of ruined with the news that Logan thinks he and Rory broke up instead of are just taking a break and Luke calls his daughter—again without telling Lorelai even though he wants her to tell him everything.*eyeroll.

Funny Quotes:

The band is setting up the equipment, ready for a sound check. Zach is not there yet.]
BRIAN: This is the first club I ever went to. I was underage and snuck in and saw Granddaddy in one of their first concerts.
LANE: Cool.
GIL: I remember once throwing up in that corner, and some dude slipped in and had to go to the hospital, and I stole the chick he was with and shacked up with her for like a week and a half.
LANE: Another fun memory.

RORY: Everyone ready?
LANE: Pretty much, although sound check was a little weird.
RORY: Well, you know what they say. Weird sound check, good gig.
LANE [nodding]: Who says that?
RORY: Well, just me. But I’m hoping it’ll catch on.
LANE: See those two guys? Those are the label guys.
RORY: Oh. I’ll be careful not to hurt them when I start violently slam-dancing. You’re going to be great.

ZACH: Yeah, I guess. Didn’t you like it?
LANE: No, it’s good. It’s just – it’s another girl’s name.
GIL: If he were singing about dudes, I’d be out the door before you could say ‘See ya’!

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