Gilmore Girls Project: Season Six, Twenty-One is the Loneliness Number

Season Six

Episode One Hundred Sixteen: “Twenty-One is the Loneliness Number”

Original Airdate: October 25, 2005

Since Rory was a tyke, the Gilmore Girls have planned her 21st birthday: in Atlantic City, sipping martinis, playing 21. But with the estrangement, Emily plans a birthday party—and it’s sssoooo not Atlantic City.

Unlike the episode yesterday, this one is filled with several scenes, one of them is my favorite ever, probably my second favorite after the famous Gilmore Friday Night Fight that is coming up in the next few weeks. I haven’t been able to find it on You Tube, so I had to create it. I love Matt’s acting. He’s just spot on. Don’t you think? You’ll have to excuse my crappy phone video.


Another great scene is with the Reverend.

All in all this is one of my top favorite episodes, and I love how the Gilmore Girls are finally starting to come back together. I also love Luke’s scene with Rory when he gives her a present and she introduces him as her “step-father-to-be”. I think he really liked that.

I forgot until I watched this that tonight was also the night Emily learns that Luke and Lorelai are getting married.

Funny Quotes:

SOOKIE: Okay! So…what kind of link sausage would you like to pull out of Luke?
LORELAI: I’m not sure. Nothing too wimpy. Luke’s a big guy, so he needs big-guy sausage.
SOOKIE: Don’t we all.
LORELAI: Don’t make my man’s sausage dirty.

LORELAI: Drink the drink. (Luke drinks)
EMILY: Well, nice of you two to come. I have some things to check on. We’ll catch up later. Excuse me. (walks away)
LUKE: (disgusted) Ohh, it tasted pink.
LORELAI: She’s gone. (they start walking through the house)
LUKE: I mean, like, really tasted really pink, like pink pink. Yech!
LORELAI: Come on, let’s get something to eat.
LUKE: God, that’s terrible. It’s like drinking a “My Little Pony”.

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