Gilmore Girls Project: Season Six, Welcome to the Dollhouse

Season Six

Episode One Hundred Fifteen: “Welcome to the Dollhouse”

Original Airdate: October 18, 2005

What’s in a name? To boost tourism, Taylor suggests reviving Stars Hollow’s original street names. Lorelai thinks that’s a charming idea—until she learns what the new Dragonfly Inn address will be.

Thanks to Sex in the City I know how much those Berkin bags were back in 2005, and I agree with Emily that is no small gift. I know I’d love one. Especially a pink one. Samantha’s was red. Anyway, different show, different day, and back to Gilmore Girls.

I do love how Richard is FINALLY starting to come around and is wanting to get Rory back into Yale. However, with that, I’m sad he had to compare her new life with the DAR to the life Emily lives. Meaning she really doesn’t do anything but frivolous things. Ouch. Though I supposed I’m getting ahead of myself as that’s in the next episode. Ooops.

I guess I’m only going ahead because there really isn’t anything to this episode. Just the bit about Sores and Boils Alley which is the Dragonfly’s new address.

And that’s all she wrote, folks.

Funny Quotes:

LORELAI: Oh, good. Sorry I’m late. I found Paul Anka hiding underneath the kitchen sink, chewing on one of my favorite pairs of shoes.
SOOKIE: Boy, that guy’s career has really hit the skids. [She giggles and Lorelai rolls her eyes.] Okay, that is officially my last ‘Paul Anka the person is living in your house’ joke.

[He gets up and follows her to the pool house.]
RICHARD: Emily! Is she home?
EMILY: No, she’s out! I wouldn’t burst in here like this if she were home.
RICHARD: We should not be here, this is prowling.
EMILY: We’re not prowling, Richard! You can’t prowl in your own house. This is called showing concern. [Emily begins to look through drawers.] Now, tell me what we’re looking for.
RICHARD: I don’t feel good about this. It’s usually this point in the John Le Carré novels where things start to go horribly wrong.
EMILY [methodically searching the room]: Oh, don’t worry. I used to do this all the time with Lorelai and the things I found. Once I opened the bottom drawer to her dresser and it was chalk full of Tootsie Rolls. Hundreds and hundreds. Practically spilling out. What could a girl possibly want with a drawer full of Tootsie Rolls?
RICHARD: Perhaps it was what was under the Tootsie Rolls, Emily.
EMILY [stops suddenly]: Under the Tootsie Rolls! Oh, my God, I should have looked under the Tootsie Rolls! Oh, that’s going to bother me. God knows what she had in there.


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