Gilmore Girls Project: Season Six, The UnGraduate

Season Six

Episode One Hundred Twelve: “The UnGraduate”

Original Airdate: September 27, 2005

Sookie creates a S’mores wedding cakes, so what more does Lorelai need to set a date? Logan comes home, Land and the band come home, and Paul Anka eats three pounds of chocolate while under Luke’s care.

So I actually watched this entire episode without writing a single thing down. Even with the dog eating chocolate and the funny scenes with Paris at the inn, there’s really nothing much to this episode. At least not until the end when Lorelai admits to Luke she doesn’t want to set a wedding date until things are right with Rory and then seeing Rory not only watching all the freshman arrive to Yale, but then her ceremony inducting her into the DAR.

I think the only enjoyable moments are the band coming home and Land admitting to them that she lied to them about money and the actually have over $9,000 to record an album. Oh, and of course, TJ thinking he’s the real contractor through the home remodel. He’s always good for a laugh.

I will say that while that S’more cake looked good, I’ve never been one for marshmallows. So, thanks but no thanks. Sorry Sookie. *smiles big*

Funny Quotes:

TJ: All right, Norman. I’m gonna need you to find me some cripple studs for that bearing wall we’re putting in.
Cause once that sucker’s vertical, we got to be ready to nail in those joists.
TOM: Just keep doing what you’re doing there, and then bring those tools up to Chick.
TJ: So, Steve, later today we’re gonna need to dig a footing drain all around the perimeter about 5 feet deep.
That ought to keep the basement dry. Hey Jim….(walks away)
STEVE: (to Tom) This house doesn’t have a basement.
TOM: No, it certainly does not.(Tom approaches Luke and Lorelai who are standing on the porch)
LUKE: OK! This is ridiculous. How long are you gonna let TJ think that he’s the contractor?
LORELAI: To the very end, my friend.
LUKE: This is stupid. We have to tell him the truth.
LORELAI: No, look how happy he is strutting around in his tool belt and shiny silver helmet. You know he polishes that thing every night after work?
LUKE: Really?
LORELAI: Yes, really! With real silver polish. That’s what he thinks silver polish is for: to polish anything that’s silver. I think that’s adorable.
TOM: And the good news is, he’s got terrible instincts. But he combines that with absolutely zero follow-through, so it all works out in the end.
LORELAI: (to Luke) Huh? Terrible instincts, zero follow-through…. all the qualities you want in a good pretend contractor.

EMILY: (cuts Rory off) She just kills me, that woman.
RORY: It really wasn’t as provocative as you think, Grandma.
EMILY: (picks up a piece of paper and starts reading from it) “On my last visit to the office, I noticed the foliage on the right side of the entrance looked a little peaked. We might want to let the gardener know. Ta, ladies.”
RORY: Again. It’s not exactly Martin Luther nailing the 95 theses to a door.
EMILY: It’s implying that I have no control over my hirelings at the DAR. I’m the president. The foliage on the right side of the door, which looks fine, by the way, is my responsibility. This is a direct frontal assault on my leadership. The woman’s plotting a coup.
RORY: This is Constance, right?
EMILY: Constance Betterton. Ever since the Mastersons’ Christmas party, when I mentioned that Constance’s husband sells used cars for a living, which he does – he calls them “pre-owned”, but they are used – she’s had it in for me. She’s gonna run against me in the next election. You don’t try to oust a president of the DAR, after one term. It’s an insult!

MICHEL: Very well. I’ll leave the….wait. Do you feel that?
LORELAI: Feel what?
MICHEL: An icy chill as if something sinister is approaching.
MICHEL: (hums the witch’s theme from “The Wizard Of Oz”) Ta-ta-ra-ta-ra-ra-Taraaaaaa
LORELAI: Gee, Michel, is Paris here?

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