Gilmore Girls Project: Season Five, How Many Kropogs to Cape Cod?

Season Five

Episode One Hundred Seven: “How Many Kropogs to Cape Cod?”

Original Airdate: May 3, 2005

Huntzbergers 24/7. Rory starts work as Mitchum Huntzberger’s intern. And Emily and Richard vie for Most Obsequious honors when they hose a dinner for Logan. Lorelai receives a tempting job offer.

So, Rory is finally treating Emily better. But yet no one mentions why. Maybe it’s time heals all wounds? Course, now I know what brings Lorelai back to dinner with Richard and Emily. I’d forgotten that it was because Lorelai wanted to come to the dinner with Logan and Emily told her if she comes to that one, she has to come to them all.

One thing that always confused me about this episode is when Richard calls Lorelai about the article coming out when after the museum tour (the episode where Lane, Rory, and Paris got drunk off of Founder’s Day Punch) she had called the journalist and had the article pulled.

Quote from To Live and Let Diorama

[Sookie goes ahead. Lorelai sighs and dials a number on her cell phone.]
LORELAI: Sandra, hi. It’s Lorelai Gilmore, again. Listen, I was thinking, I think you should just pull the article. Yeah, I’m sure. But thanks. Okay. Bye.

So, what happened? Did she call her back and have her run it anyway?

Anyway, back to the dinner with Logan, Rory, Lorelai, Richard, and Emily. I can’t believe they didn’t believe her about Rory’s dinner with the Huntzbergers. I’ve also never understood why they didn’t ask her about it or never brought it up and I’ve never understood why Lorelai never brought it up when Rory was in their presence either. Like if someone doesn’t believe me, I make sure I prove my point.

Funny Quotes:

RORY: Because she’s in love.
LOGAN: With Doyle?
RORY: Yes, with Doyle. And do not mock or make fun, because when Paris is happy, the whole world is happy. But when she’s not happy, the whole world is Deadwood.

LOGAN: Don’t worry, Ace, I’m sure you’re doing fine.
RORY: I just don’t want your father to be disappointed in me.
LOGAN: Rory, in order for my dad to be truly disappointed in you, your name would have to be Logan.

RICHARD: He asked if you traveled much.
LORELAI: He wants to know where I go on vacation?
RICHARD: Well, he was referring to business travel. Perhaps the position involves travel. Do you travel? I wasn’t really sure.
LORELAI: Well, the liquor store is a little further out than I’d like, but –
RICHARD: Lorelai.

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