Gilmore Girls Project: Season Five, To Live and Let Diorama

Season Five

Episode One Hundred Five: “To Live and Let Diorama”

Original Airdate: April 19, 2005

Disgruntled with the men in their lives, Rory, Paris, and Lane share a blue funk . . . and too much booze. And Luke is curiously eager to help renovate an old house into the town museum.

So, we have finally come to the first town meeting episode sine Jackson was made Town Selectman, but yet Taylor is running the town meeting. And there was never another election or any indication as to what happened and why Jackson isn’t Town Selectman anymore. Also, we actually haven’t seen Jackson since the episode where Sookie is caught spending time in one of the inns rooms at night once a week watching a TV show. I know not all characters are going to be in every show, but sometimes when it goes a long, long time, like several, it’s kind of like “Hey, what’s up with this?”

I never really got the whole thing where Luke wanted that house. I mean, I know he loved it, and from the outside it does look big and beautiful, but it’s not like him or Lorelai are young. She has said she wanted more kids, but I just don’t see it happening. Even if they had one, it’s not like they’d have so many, enough to fill that house.

This episode is packed with a lot of fun scenes though. Like this one.

And this one. Ya gotta love Paris mad and drunk . . .

The shocking part of this is Dean is back. But it doesn’t say where he’s been, just that he’s now a carpenter. Which, I’ll be honest, these days, he’s probably making more money than any college grad who graduates with a crap ton of student debt and no job opening in his field in sight. It’s one of my biggest gripes with this show. They put so much focus on the benefits of college.

But that’s all I’ll say. Don’t want to get on a soapbox. It’s Gilmore Girls, after all.

I’ll have to see if there is any explanation as to why Logan just ghosted Rory. As of right now, I can’t think if they did. Perhaps it was my assumption in the last episode. He started to feel something for her and it scared him. I guess I shall see if he explains himself.

Funny Quotes:

LANE: So, Sophie Bloom. Your last name’s Bloom.
SOPHIE: Thanks for the info.
LANE: I was looking through some old vinyl I have. I don’t have much, because I was born right on the cusp of the CD revolution. But I originally had a record player. A Snoopy record player. Boy, I love this record player. And shutting my door and listening to music on it –
SOPHIE: Oh, my God, Garrison Keillor, what is your point?
LANE: I saw the name “Sophie Bloom” on this album – the one non-Christian one my mother allowed me to have. It just popped out at me and I was wondering – [She hands the record to Sophie.]
SOPHIE [a little repulsed]: Oh, this thing.
LANE: So, it’s you. You wrote these songs.
SOPHIE: Long time ago.
LANE [gushing]: I think this is amazing! Because I want to do more than just drum. I would like to write and compose and I was wondering if we could sit down sometime and just talk about music, because I think you have so much you can pass on to me. Woman to woman. Really, just coffee sometime. My treat.
SOPHIE: Well, I suppose sometime when I’m not working or out of town, if my boyfriend’s busy and my laundry’s done, and I’m not sick and there’s nothing on TV, we could maybe meet up for a couple of minutes.
LANE: It’s a date.

[She sees the window between the Diner and the ice cream shop, taped up with newspaper.]
LORELAI: Oh! What happened there?
LUKE: Eh, what do you think? Taylor.
LORELAI: How did Taylor break the window?
LUKE: How do you think? By being Taylor.
LORELAI: Taylor’s Taylor-ness can now break glass?
LUKE: You know what I mean. He’s doing something, and crash, bang, there you go. Hey, is it, uh, six yet?

LANE: Sophie!
SOPHIE: Geez, Lane, I don’t have time for coffee right now.
LANE: You owe me an explanation! You – woman!
SOPHIE: What are you talking about?
LANE: You know what I’m talking about. I look to you as a role model. Well, not anymore, except as a role model for heartbreak! I know what you can offer him. You’re bohemian, and experienced, familiar with the world of sensual pleasure, champagne, Times Square. I bet you’ve even smoked a cigarette or two!
SOPHIE: Oh my God, your breath would stop an elephant!
LANE: You’ve not only been to New York, but you’ve lived there. You know where the best bagels are and you’ve been with men. But you don’t know him like I know him. It’s cheap thrills for you, sister! But I know what cleaning products he likes. Do you?
SOPHIE: I’m not sure how to answer that.

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