Gilmore Girls Project: Season Five, Jews and Chinese Food

Season Five

Episode One Hundred Two: “Jews and Chinese Food”

Original Airdate: February 22, 2005

Matchmaker, matchmaker. With Lorelai designing costumes for a school production of Fiddler on the Roof, Luke gladly volunteers as set builder. Marty is attracted to Rory, but Rory is attracted to Logan.

So, I know that Paris really hasn’t changed much, but I got to say I’m really starting to like her. Her scenes in this season are just getting better and better. I kind of wish I had her I-don’t-care spunk. She’s so blunt. I mean, she’s always been blunt, but her scenes are just different. She’s not in competition with people anymore. I guess it’s hard to explain.

Yay! Marty is back. Although, not for long and not with a good outcome. I kind of feel back for the guy. Nothing like shooting a man’s pride in the foot. Rory should have known he wouldn’t be comfortable or have fun, but of course, her wanting to spent time with Logan took over, though. It’s no wonder he really doesn’t ever talk to her again. Poor Marty.

Funny Quotes:

PARIS: Listen, Lorelai? If you decide that your breakup is something that you want to talk about, please let me know.
LORELAI: Okay, Paris.
PARIS: And let me know before Tuesday, because I’m doing a paper for my Emotional Mental Health class about how women of a certain age cope with loneliness, and I think you’d be a great lead-off antidote.
[Lorelai, stunned, looks at Rory meaningfully.]
RORY: You can’t take her. She’s trained in Krav Maga.
LORELAI: Damn it.

SOOKIE: No more pork!
LORELAI: Finally, something to put on our business card.
SOOKIE: I’m tired of it. I am out of interesting ways to serve it and I’m not buying it anymore.
SOOKIE: I want another other white meat.
LORELAI: Mugsy raised the price on you again, huh?
SOOKIE: That pig-hoarding bastard.

PARIS: Oh, thank you very much for kicking my undefined sexual male partner out of the room that we share.
RORY: I had company coming, Paris.
PARIS: You insulted him, you demeaned him. You mad him feel unwelcome.
RORY: He was unwelcome.
PARIS: And now, thanks to you, he refuses to come back here which means I have to spend the night over at his place with his three roommates! The place is a health violation. Things grow on the windowsill without the help of pots or soil and there is the faint aroma of sweat socks and starter cologne lingering in the air at all times, and yes! I have to bring my own toilet paper over there because it is a third world country. Thank you! Very, very much!
[Paris storms out of the dorm. Rory heads back to the couch with a soda for Marty.]
MARTY: God, I missed this place.

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