Gilmore Girls Project: Season Five, Come Home

Season Five

Episode Ninety-Nine: “Come Home”

Original Airdate: February 1, 2005

A relationship salvaged: a fender bender reunites Emily and Richard. A relationship savaged: to force Luke out of the picture, Emily encourages Christopher to woo Lorelai. Lane’s band celebrates Korean New Year.

I have to say, I like Lane both with and without the glasses. I mean, I’m used to her with glasses, but she is pretty without them. I do love how Mrs. Kim and Zach bond over her wearing them, though. Finally! I did love the New Year scenes with the band at Mrs. Kims house, and on the plus side, we get to see Gil again! I don’t know why, but I extra love this show just for casting Sebastian Bach as a character.

Moving on . . . at this point, I’m a bit confused with Logan. He knows Rory is a “relationship” type girl and he’s not that type, but he acts interested. It’s like, “WTHeck, Dude?” It’s almost like he’s playing a game. Perhaps he is. I will say, I’m not team Logan because of how he was in the beginning. He was kind of an ass. But he changed and by the end of the series, I loved him. Rory sure let one go when she said no. But that’s another comment for another day!

I still hate how Richard found out Emily went on a date with that guy in a meeting with other men. It’s embarrassing to him and he didn’t deserve it. But I do love how it pushes him to rekindle with Emily. Their separation went on way too long. It’s also funny they got back together because he hit her car.

Funny Quotes:

LORELAI: Okay, everyone remember your time cards. Punch in, punch out, including lunch and breaks. Okay, now, next on the agenda is something very exciting. The Dragonfly Inn’s first official sexual harassment seminar.
MICHEL: Ah, finally. Yes, good, talk to them.
LORELAI: Sexual harassment is bad. So no one touch anyone in any funny places unless specifically asked. Moving on.
MICHEL: That’s it? That’s the seminar? Where’s the speech about people not ogling other people like an object of desire? How about explaining that the way some people walk with a sway or a bounce, it is natural. It is because
we work out, and we take Pilates, and –
LORELAI: No one touch Michel! Moving on.

LORELAI: Okay. So, what do we think is going on here?
MICHEL: I believe that our employees are clandestinely using our rooms for sexual encounters on their coffee breaks.
LORELAI: Come on.
MICHEL: Lars and Celia seem awfully friendly lately. You don’t notice them making goo-goo eyes? And Celia has put on weight. Perhaps one too many Toblerones.

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