Gilmore Girls Project: Season Five, Women of Questionable Morals

Season Five

Episode Ninety-Eight: “Women of Questionable Morals”

Original Airdate: January 25, 2005

Events snowball with the first snowfall. The annual Revolutionary War reenactment gets spicy. Christopher tries to make amends with Rory and a Jack Russell brings Emily and Richard together, at least temporary.

It would have been nice to have maybe more than one episode where we meet Strobe (Christopher’s dad), but I guess the one was enough in season one. At least it’s bringing Christopher back around, although I do have to agree with Rory. Every time he comes around, he causes trouble. Every time.

Moving on . . . I love that it takes a dog to get Richard and Emily back together again. Although, it’s always odd to me how Emily reacts to the dog. She’s inside and is freaked out like it’s going to break through the glass and attack her.

RICHARD: Why someone would fail to put a tag on a dog –
EMILY: Take it to the pool house.
RICHARD: What? Why?
EMILY: Well, that’s why we have it.
RICHARD: We have a pool house for stray dogs? Love the innuendo, Emily. Fine. I will take him into the pool house.

This is the first episode where I haven’t really seen Jackson, and once again, Taylor is taking over things. I know that the Civil War Reenactment id done by the Historical Preservation Society, and wouldn’t be a Town Selectman issue, however, sometimes I think they threw this in to get us back to Taylor being in charge. I’m still looking out for episode of the next town meeting to see who is in charge.

Just like the fall episodes, I love the ones with the snow too. It doesn’t snow much in Oklahoma (except for earlier this year when we got several feet and minus 14 degree wind chill temps. It was awful!) that I love seeing it, even if it’s on TV. I would love to go to Vermont or Connecticut in the fall and the winter so I could enjoy some perfect inn weather.

Funny Quotes:

[A group of town men are sitting around a table.]
ANDREW: Streetwalker.
TAYLOR: Too urban.
MAN #1: Concubine.
MAN #2: Seems high-falutin.
REVEREND: Anyone seen Farewell My Concubine? Beautiful film. Gorgeous cinematography.
TAYLOR: I’m surprised you see such adult fare, Reverend.
REVEREND: Well, do you picture me watching Sound of Music every night, Taylor? Gag me.
[Luke comes over with a coffee pot.]
MAN #2: Scarlet woman.
TAYLOR: I like it.
ANDREW: Too Nathaniel Hawthorne.
LUKE: Who?
ANDREW: Read a book.
MAN #1: Harlot.
MAN #2: Naw.
REVEREND: Woman of accomadating morals.
MAN #1: Too long
ANDREW: Hot mutton.
TAYLOR: I wouldn’t know where to begin.
LUKE: What are you guys doing?
TAYLOR: Well, the first snow has come along, Luke, and with the first snow comes the town’s Revolutionary War Re-enactment.
LUKE: Always a heel-clicking good time.
TAYLOR: Oh, well, we’ve got a big surprise for everybody this year.
LUKE: Great, I’ll pretend I’m interested.
REVEREND: It’s a big deal, Luke.
LUKE: Yeah, it’s the same thing every year, Reverend. You guys re-enact the time a bunch of pig-headed morons stood outside all night in the freezing snow waiting for a battle that never happened.
MAN #1: This year is different, crank.
TAYLOR: A local historian uncovered new evidence of Star’s Hollow’s participation in the Revolution. Apparently, an English battalion was awaiting the return of their commanding general with plans for a big battle. Our soldiers caught wind of this and blocked the high road so that the general had to travel by the lower road, through town, to reach his troops.
LUKE: So, they kidnapped him.
[The men laugh.]
TAYLOR: No, they were much slyer than that. They had a brave lady of the town use her wiles to draw the general to her rooms and keep him occupied. That delayed the general’s arrival which allowed Lafayette the opportunity to ambush the waiting British troops.
LUKE: A hooker stopped a battle.
MAN #2: We’re not calling her a hooker.

TAYLOR: Your… “come hither” looks, ladies?
LADY #4: That was my “come hither” look.
TAYLOR [frustrated]: Girls, girls! You’re supposed to be seducing a man. Now picture, on horseback, a dashing, finely accoutered gentleman, firm of jaw and solid of build –
PATTY: I thought you were doing it, Taylor.
TAYLOR: I am – oh! [laughs] You with your funny jokes.
PATTY [laughing]: Yes. Me and my jokes.

LORELAI: Have you ever been this hung over? I mean, I don’t want to know because I don’t want to hear about it, but if you have, I am sorry. And if you haven’t, maybe your life has been a little too sheltered. Good night. [She puts her head down on the table.]
[Kirk bursts into the diner half-dressed in a Revolutionary War costume.]
KIRK: Has anyone seen Taylor?
[Lorelai covers her ears.]
KIRK: I need to talk to Taylor. Come on, people, time is of the essence.
LORELAI: Throw something sharp at him.

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