Gilmore Girls Project: Season Five, Emily Says “Hello”

Season Five

Episode Ninety-Six: “Emily Says ‘Hello'”

Original Airdate: November 16, 2004

The girls’ plan to reunite Emily and Richard doesn’t toes up when Emily declares her intentions to start dating. Are dating drama, Lorelai invites Christopher to lunch (and doesn’t tell Luke).

Yay! It’s the return of the Autumn episodes where the set is decorated with everything fall–stalks of wheat, fall garlands, and pumpkins everywhere. I love the season episodes with Autumn and Winter. LOVE THEM!

I have to say, I’ve always liked Marty. I never saw him as a boyfriend for Rory, but for as a best friend, he was great. And I absolutely LOVE all his interactions with Paris. Those two were so funny.

You know what I just realized, they always had town meetings in every season, except I don’t remember one in season five with Jackson running the meeting. There was one scene where they tricked him into going into Miss Patty’s for an emergency, but they never showed the actual meeting. And in season six (I’ll have to find the episode when it happens) and they do show a town meeting, Taylor is presiding over it. They don’t ever mention another election for town selectman, so what happened? Did Jackson drop out and Taylor was just made Town Selectman again? It was just like “Poof. Jackson is gone.”

I have to say I never liked Emily going on that date. I know it needed to happen for her to realize that she misses Richard and wants him back. Not to mention it gave tension to the later episode where Richard runs into her car and after they are home she tells him to come home. But it was sad how Richard found out about the date.


Funny Quotes:

RORY: It’s unlocked. [Marty walks in carrying a paper sack] Hey, Marty.
MARTY: So, I just bartended this crazy brunch with chocolate fountains and floating ice sculptures, and I snagged us all kinds of hors d’oeuvres. [indicating the two bags he’s carrying]
PARIS: [sarcasm] Oh, nice going, bucko.
MARTY: [eyes Paris timidly] Okay, so, she didn’t really mean “nice going,” right? ‘Cause there’s sort of a devil-eye thing going on.
RORY: She’s fasting.
PARIS: People came to America to escape religious persecution.
[Cell phone rings – Rory stands and retrieves her cell phone. Marty takes her vacant seat on the sofa.]
MARTY: Well, what religion is anti-leftovers? [eyes Paris warily]

RORY: Hey. My night was great.
RORY: Grandpa made frozen pizza. Granted, he made it on a cedar plank, which was not what the manufacturer intended, but I got a chance to say a lot of things to him — things about living in the pool house and about him and Grandma, and though I used veiled references, I know he got my point, and he is definitely thinking about it. How did you do?
LORELAI: Grandma wants to date.
RORY: What?!
LORELAI: She wants to date men who hang out at the club and who have expressed interest in her in the past.
RORY: What do you mean, she wants to date? You weren’t supposed to make her want to date. You were supposed to make her want to get back together with Grandpa!
LORELAI: Hey, I told you not to make me have dinner alone with her.
RORY: What did you say to her?
LORELAI: I said, “are you getting back with Dad?” And she said he wouldn’t butter her roll.
RORY: I can’t believe you.
LORELAI: I’m sorry. I tried.
RORY: You did not try.
LORELAI: I did try. I just sucked at it. Look, she probably didn’t mean it, okay? She’s just mad at Dad, and she was just talking. Next week we’ll switch. You can have dinner with my mother, and I’ll marry my dad off to a nice baroness.
RORY: Don’t joke.
LORELAI: Don’t hate me.
RORY: I don’t hate you. I can’t hate the pathetic.

[Lorelai re-enters the dining room and sits back in her seat. She senses the tension.]
LORELAI: See, this is why I love this job. Michel has been obsessed with these guests who he swears are the notorious Bathrobe Bandits from the Independence Inn — at least the moles match – [both Rory and Chris listen silently] so apparently, they were checking out, and Michel stopped them and demanded they open their suitcases, and they refused, so he grabs the guy’s suitcase and starts tearing through all of his stuff, which, of course, went over really well. And when I got there, the wife was calling the cops, and the husband was chasing Michel around with a golf club. It took a comped bill and two free bathrobes in addition to the ones they had stolen to get them to drop the charges. Plus, Michel ripped his pants, and his underwear is pink and shiny.

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