Gilmore Girls Project: We Got Us a Pippi Virgin

Season Five

Episode Ninety-Two: “We Got Us a Pippi Virgin”

Original Airdate: October 19, 2004

Bring together: Lorelai, Luke, Rory, and Dean go on a disastrous double date. Being apart: Emily and Richard, separated after 39 years of marriage, find the single life more lonely than liberating.

Ah! We finally have the fearsome threesome back together again—Lorelai, Rory, and Dean! Too bad Luke and his bad attitude had to get in the way and spoil the night, Okay, so I understand why he flipped out because he told us, however, I’m still so confused. Especially when he says something about how Dean can’t be trusted because he got married and divorced so quick. Uh, wasn’t Luke married to Nicole all of a hot minute before they filed for divorce? And yes, they stopped it and tried again, but hello!!! That’s the pot calling the kettle black. I really didn’t like Luke in this episode.

But moving on . . .

I totally need Emily and Richard to make up, like now. Right now. I hate that they are fighting, and you can totally tell that Richard is getting lonely and sad. Even if he does enjoy some of the freedom that comes along with bachelorhood. I do not like how Emily is taking it though. She’s being rather mean about the whole thing. Of course, that’s her, though.

Lastly, we have Lane and Zack who is taking his sweet time in deciding if he likes Lane back. Which is kind of odd, but I guess is good for a few laughs.

So what did you think of this episode?

Ps. I’m not a fan of Pippi Longstocking. I know, I know. But the movie annoyed me more than it entertained me.

Funny Quotes:

[Luke wipes down a clear table. Lorelai enters.]
LUKE: Hey, what brings you here?
LORELAI: Caffeine withdrawal. And I like looking at you.

RORY: Okay. Just to remind you once again, the drink cart is right over here. Oh, and I think I spot gin. It’s brown, right?
LORELAI: I love that you think that. [spies Emily in Richard’s closet] Looking for skeletons?
EMILY: I’m just looking.
RORY: Oh, man. I spilled a ton of scotch on my skirt. Who’s not closing these bottles?

RORY: I have never seen Grandma so singularly obsessed about a piece of clothing.
LORELAI: Not since I wore my “Gas, Grass, or Ass — No one rides for free” t-shirt to the junior league spring tea.

LORELAI: So is meeting up at 6:30 cool?
RORY: Good with us. What’d you have in mind?
LORELAI: I’ll surprise you with it, but it’s a classic Stars Hollow slate of activities.
RORY: So we’re gonna T.P. Taylor’s house again?
LORELAI: Ugh. I wanted it to be a surprise. [call waiting beeps] Wait, hon. Hold on a sec.

LORELAI: Why didn’t you mention this to Mom at dinner? Maybe she would have been less panicked about what he’s doing and the now-infamous glitter vest.

RORY: I don’t want to open a can of worms.
LORELAI: How would that open up a can of worms?
RORY: If I told her what I said, I’d have to tell her I had lunch with him, a lunch I had previously not informed her of and that would have made her jealous and defensive. The less you tell Grandma, the better.
LORELAI: [She sits up with a mock gasp] By George, I think she’s got it.
RORY: What?
LORELAI: I have been trying to burn that into your brain since you were a baby, but you stubbornly resisted. Now a breakthrough. I’m so proud.

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