Gilmore Girls Project: Season Five, Tippecanoe and Taylor, Too

Season Five

Episode Ninety-One: “Tippecanoe and Taylor, Too”

Original Airdate: October 12, 2004

Happy days are here again! Fed up with Taylor Doose’s stranglehold on the body politic Jackson runs against him for town selectman. Meanwhile, Dean and Rory search for somewhere to be alone together.

Ah, the one time I feel sorry for Taylor. The look on his face when he loses the town selectman election just hurts my heart. No one loves this town like he does. Even if it’s an odd way he shows it at times. Of course, I would be tired of his shenanigans myself if I lived there, so I can see why everyone voted for Jackson. I mean seriously, the greenhouse needs to be moved 6 inches? 6 inches? Ugh.

So what I’ve never been able to figure out is if Dean was able to pay for an apartment with Lindsay, why can’t he pay for one without her. She wasn’t working so it wasn’t like she was bringing in an income. He’s still working all those jobs, so unless Lindsay’s parents were footing the bill for their life, I don’t really get how come he’s this poor kid now who HAS to live back at home.

Oh well. I guess for the story it has to be this way.

I dated a guy once who lived an hour away. Looking back, I wish podcasts were around back then. It would have made for a much more entertaining drive. I also remember in high school having to make out in a car which totally sucked.

Anyway, coming back from memory lane, congrats to Jackson, the new Town Selectman for Stars Hollow!

So what did you think of this episode?

Funny Quotes:

MICHEL: I just got off the phone with the very promising young man working as Taylor’s assistant to try and talk to the man about this. [hold out official-looking papers]
LORELAI: [approaches and take the papers] No, no. He rejected it again?
MICHEL: I believe that is what the bright red letters say.
LORELAI: We only need two lousy parking spaces. What is his problem?
MICHEL: Oh, the list is long.
LORELAI: This is the third time, Michel.
MICHEL: I know.
LORELAI: This is the third time that “Bus-and-Truck-Tour Mussolini” has rejected our permit.
MICHEL: [dejected] And I was there for every show.
LORELAI: What is rejection code “M”?
[Michel takes the papers and checks the reverse side]
MICHEL: “Applicant’s name does not match name listed on articles of incorporation.”
LORELAI: Ohh! Is he serious?!
MICHEL: Apparently you did not put your middle name on this application. However, you did put your middle name on the articles of incorporation. So the names don’t match, and Taylor has no idea who you are.
LORELAI: Oh, I’m the person whose foot is going to prevent him from sitting down. That’s who I am.

PARIS: I assume you’re having sex.
RORY: [uncomfortable] Paris!
PARIS: You’re having sex. Well, luckily, I just bought some noise-reducing headphones, so that’ll help.
RORY: Oh boy.
PARIS: If I put the headphones on, then stuff towels under the door, that should do the trick.
RORY: Hey, if you’ve got extra towels to stuff, I got a location suggestion.
PARIS: How loud are you?
RORY: Paris, stop.
PARIS: Look, I don’t care. I just need the information to formulate a good plan. I mean, you look all small and squeaky, but sometimes, it’s exactly the bunny-looking girls who can blow the roof off the barn. I know, just give me a three-minute warning.

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