Working on a Release ~ Gilmore Girls Project on Hold

Alright you gals and gents! It’s announcement time!

I know you’ve probably come on here thinking you would see the next episode in the Gilmore Girls Project. Alas, I’m going to have to say you will find this post instead.

But that’s not really a bad thing!

Or maybe it is, I don’t know.

Anyway, so why are you seeing this post?

Well, what was supposed to be an announcement about a book release coming February 23, 2021, is now an announcement about a three-book series coming in the Spring of 2021! Yes, you read that right. My next release, The Promises Between us, will now be a three-book series! I will post more information about the books and release dates in one or two weeks. Right now it’s looking like February 23, 2021, April 6, 2021, and May 18, 2021.

Anyway, so with this announcement I need to focus on that for the next couple of weeks, and because of this, I’m going to have to put my Gilmore Girls Project on hold until at least June 1st. So come June, the project posts will start again!

I’m sorry to make you guys wait, but I promise, after this there won’t be any more breaks. It will be the rest of the show all in a row!

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