Gilmore Girls Project: Season Four, Tick, Tick, Tick, Boom!

Season Four

Episode Eighty-Three: “Tick, Tick, Tick, Boom!”

Original Airdate: April 20, 2004

Some things shouldn’t stay hidden–such as the unfound Easter eggs rotting in the square. Also out of hiding: the Lorelai-Jason thing. And ex-biz associate Floyd slaps a lawsuit on Richard.

Ah, the Easter Egg episode! Kirk’s finest moment! Losing the eggs because he hid them and didn’t make a map, then helping find them. Even if he did fail and Luke found them for him.

And Emily has one of my favorite lines off the whole show . . .

Her car looks just like Barbie’s.

I get a little annoyed with Rory and her fight with Dean. Maybe it’s because I, too, feel that college isn’t the end-all-be-all and doesn’t mean that you will have a successful life or secure a job or make a lot of money. In fact, I know tons of college graduates who don’t even use their degree for the job they have. It’s nothing but a piece of paper that cost them a lot of money. So for her to be mad he stopped going to school is just wrong. I kind of wish they would have shown the scene of Lindsey confronting Dean about talking to Rory after she overhears Rory and Lane talking about how selfish Lindsey is over the townhouse. I bet that wasn’t a pleasant conversation.

Moving on . . .

Oooh oooh! Is Jason on the way out the door? I think it might be so!! And of course it’s all because he does something slimy and stupid. Just like Jason. I probably should go easier on his character. I know I can get a bit grumpy when it comes to the episodes he is in. I just really don’t like his character. He’s sleazy to me. I don’t know why.

So what do you think of his episode?

Funny Quotes:

EMILY: Her car looks [high, squeaky voice] just like Barbie’s.
RICHARD: Regardless, I hope you will be kind to her at dinner.
EMILY: I’ll have to bring my English-to-dumbbell dictionary.
RICHARD: Try and focus on Bob. Bob’s as sharp as they come.
EMILY: He’s very brilliant, I’ll give you that.
LORELAI: Bob’s brilliant, huh?
RICHARD: He’s a Rhodes scholar.
LORELAI: Ask him where the anvils went. …Or not.

TAYLOR: What? What’s eggs?
KIRK: In the square — the smell. It’s not skunks, it’s eggs. Easter eggs from the Easter egg hunt.
TAYLOR: But Easter was over a week ago.
KIRK: And I did it just like you told me. I personally hid 300 eggs around the town square, and the kids had a blast hunting them down, except the Banyan boys. They’re bad seeds. Going to hell — both of them. But the kids only found 241 of them.
TAYLOR: Are you telling me that there are fifty-nine rotting eggs hidden in the square?

[Kirk stumbles in looking dazed.]
LUKE: Kirk?
KIRK: That’s me.
LUKE: You want something?
KIRK: Why?
LUKE: Well, you usually get something here. You’re in the diner.
KIRK: Oh, yes.
LUKE: Kirk?
KIRK: That’s me.
LUKE: You want some coffee?
KIRK: Yes, please.

RICHARD: Well, I think this is the perfect time for those who are so inclined to enjoy a cigar. [rises from table]
LORELAI: All right, let’s fire ’em up!
RICHARD: I meant the men, but would you like a cigar?
LORELAI: No, you guys go. Circle the fire. Pound your chests. We’ll be waiting.
RICHARD: Floyd, Jason. [exits]
JASON: Let’s do it.
EMILY: Well, let’s let Elsa clean up and maybe keep her job. The living room all right?
LORELAI: We can bring the coffee?
EMILY: I was going to pour brandy.
LORELAI: Even better.

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