Gilmore Girls Project: Season Four, Scene in the Mall

Season Four

Episode Eighty: “Scene in the Mall”

Original Airdate: February 24, 2004

Conspicuous consumption. Hurt that Richard spends so much time on business, Emily hits the mall, dragging Lorelai and Rory in her wake. Plus Lane moves into an apartment with her bandmates.

Oh my gosh, this is probably one of my top ten favorite episodes!!

Wouldn’t it be fun to walk through the mall and just buy anything you want like Emily does? Just point and buy, point and buy. Although it is hard to watch her have her meltdown, especially in public. But I do love the bonding moment they have while eating at the food court.

Moving on, it was also touching to see Luke giving Lorelai the money she was going to ask for. I wish I could have seen what they were writing on the napkin, and I love how Kirk brings a dog into Luke’s in a purse. Then later on, he’s become a dog baby-sitter.

Another great part, Lane finally get’s her apartment!! It’s a cute little place. The scene where she goes to Mrs. Kim’s to pack her things is sad, though. It is fun when she starts to realize they don’t have the basic needs like towels, curtains, and a refrigerator. I remember the stress of living on my own for the first time.

Funny Quotes:

LUKE: Charles Dickens wrote more letters than other people?
LORELAI: No, it’s just I can easily picture him in his study with his dog and his pipe and his fancy feathered pen, writing [British accent] “Cheerio, old bean. Have a cup of tea. How’s Big Ben? How’s the Tower of London, Sister Suffragette? Tuppence a bag.”

PARIS: What are you doing?
RORY: Getting a drink.
PARIS: You’re sick.
RORY: Hence the fluids.
PARIS: When you came out of our room, did you use the doorknob?
RORY: As opposed to dematerializing, passing vapor-like through the wall, then rematerializing out here? No, I used the doorknob.
PARIS: For the love of God, I begged you not to touch anything. [Paris sprays an aerosol can over the doorknob.]
RORY: I’m not contagious anymore. Paris, stop!
PARIS: I’m not getting sick.
RORY: That’s your deodorant.
PARIS: Then what the hell did I spray under my arms?

[Lorelai packs up her laptop.]
LUKE: You done?
LORELAI: Oh yes, your limboing days are over, my friend. Thanks for putting up with me.
LUKE: Well, I only fell once.
LORELAI: And gracefully. Bye.

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