Gilmore Girls Project: Season Four, The Incredible Sinking Lorelai’s

Season Four

Episode Seventy-Eight: “The Incredible Sinking Loreali’s”

Original Airdate: February 17, 2004

Things fall apart. Humiliated when she has trouble keeping up with her course load, Rory leans on Dean for support. Running out of time and money to renovate the Dragonfly, Lorelai turns to Luke.

This episode is sad. I know the struggles of being overwhelmed and when the world just comes crashing down. Of course, I relate a little more to Lorelai with bills and money than just failing college classes. But still, it’s never easy to watch someone struggle.

And, I knew they were going to run out of money. Did I not question how they were affording all of this?

And then to see Rory losing it at the same time, knowing all they want is each other . . .

Another sad part about this episode is Lane leaving Yale. Although, I do love that she gets her own apartment with Zack and Bryan. It’s kind of cute how excited she gets.

So what do you think of this episode?

Funny Quotes:

EMILY: She wants to have lunch — sorry, a luncheon — the day after tomorrow. You, me, your father, and apparently she wants to meet Jason. All we need is that filthy Eminem fellow to make it a perfect afternoon for me.
LORELAI: Well, I’ll try to track him down, Mom, but you know, he might be on tour or something.
EMILY: Just be here and be on time, and get your hair cut. You looked like the bird lady from Mary Poppins the last time I saw you.

LORELAI: No, no, Sookie, they can’t deliver the sink tomorrow.
LORELAI: Because they already sent it back to Canada.
SOOKIE: Why would they do that?
LORELAI: Because… that’s where it’s mother is.

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