Gilmore Girls Project: Season Four, A Family Matter

Season Four

Episode Seventy-Seven: “A Family Matter”

Original Airdate: February 3, 2004

You can choose your friends. Luke is wary when his flaky sister Liz unexpectedly visits. Then the other show drops: Jess is back in Stars Hollow. And Paris dumps boyfriend Jamie in favor of Professor Flemming.

Par for the course, Jason has to make everyone uncomfortable when he comes to Stars Hollow and, SHOCKER, doesn’t fit in with the town. From driving crazy in a town where the speed limit is 15, to honking at Luke, he sure keeps in character–a jerk! And someone who actually isn’t meant for Lorelai. I don’t know why she can’t see it!!

I must say as much as I didn’t like Jess, since I don’t like Digger more, having Jess back was a nice surprise. And of course, we get to finally meet Liz, Luke’s sister. I have to say, from all the descriptions about her, she’s not as bad as Jess and Luke made her out to be. Sure she’s got her head in the clouds, but she seems like a sweet person just trying to get through life. Certainly not the “whack job” Jess claims she is when he’s asking Jimmy to stay in California.

The only sad part is how Paris treats Jamie. It’s like, come on, Paris, just end it. You’d think she would be capable of just breaking up with him, given her nature, but for some reason she doesn’t. Jamie was actually a good character/guy.

I gotta say, I would love to live in a town with a Kirk. I think it would be a blast.

So what did you think of this episode?

Funny Quotes:

LANE: There were incredibly slow people in the coffee line, and I promised to wake Paris. [hurries over to Paris’ bed] Up and at ’em!
LANE: I got you a triple espresso that I’m going to put here right out of reach, so sleepyhead has to get up to get it.
PARIS: Die twice.
LORELAI (on the phone with Rory): Was she at the professor’s again last night?
RORY: Yes, but she claims she was up all night cramming.
LORELAI’S VOICE (on the phone with Rory): Well, she was.
RORY: Oh, ick!
PARIS: [eavesdropping] Ick what? Are you talking about me? Who is that?
RORY: It’s my mom. We’re not talking about you. You’re so paranoid.

TANNA: I am hoping that one boy notices. Chester Fleet.
LANE: Chester Fleet?
TANNA: His father was instrumental in conducting research showing that neurons in the brain fire actively during REM sleep – with the exception of nerve cells involved with the transmitter chemicals serotonin and norepinephrine.
PARIS: I’d forgot the first part of that sentence by the time you finished, but I say jump him.
TANNA: [uncomfortable] Thanks Lane. See ya later. [she leaves]

[Jason is talking on cell phone while Lorelai drives]
JASON: No, no Rietgaard, those documents were Fed-Ex’d to you on Wednesday. Uh, the dok-umen-ten were Fed-Ex’d, on – aw, shoot, on… Monday is maandag, Tuesday is dinsdag… [to Lorelai] How’s your Dutch?
LORELAI: Oh great. I just don’t like to share it.JASON: We’re gonna get caught.
LORELAI: This is just a freak occurrence.
JASON: This is destined to be repeated.
LORELAI: They’ll be mad that I hid it.
JASON: They’ll be madder the longer you hide it.
LORELAI: They’ll screw things up, I don’t want that. I like us.
JASON: But, it’s inevitable. They’re gonna see us together someplace, or a traffic report will take pictures of cars on the expressway and we’ll be sitting in the car – and then Richard will be watching the news and he will see us, so barring some sort of Star Trek-like cloaking device – which was problematic in every incarnation of Star Trek – I remember Kirk complaining about it, I remember Picard complaining about it – they will see us, and we’ll get caught.
LORELAI: I’m very uncomfortable dating a Trekkie.

LORELAI: [comes down stairs] Oh, Rory. Good. I did not go suddenly half deaf. Were you supposed to meet me here?
RORY: No, I’m a surprise.
LORELAI: As was your conception.
RORY: I’ll just be two minutes. [exits to go to her room to change]
LORELAI: As was your conception.

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