Gilmore Girls Project: Season Four, The Nanny and the Professor

Season Four

Episode Seventy-Five: “The Nanny and the Professor”

Original Airdate: January 20, 2004

The nanny is Michel’s old rival, who has child-phobic Michel so paranoid he offers to play Mary Poppins to baby Davey. The professor is a famed academic who’s dating a woman 40 years his junior: Paris

Just when you think Digger can’t get any weirder, you have this episode.

From the odd dog . . . which I’m still lost on why he even has a dog or why was it a part of the plot. But then to having Lorelai sleep in the guest bedroom. Of course, that is a nice guest room though. But to not even thinking of telling Lorelai that he had to go to a function. I would have to agree with Emily on this one.

EMILY: She looks like exactly the kind of gold digger who would latch onto an immature little con artist like Jason.
RICHARD: My goodness, Emily, tell us how you really feel about the boy.

The only really saving grace for the episode (because I have to watch so much of Digger Stiles) is my favorite part and the scene where we find out that Michel offered to babysit and somehow managed to roll Davey under the bed then freaks out.

So what did you think of this episode?

Funny Quotes:

MICHEL: No food sampling.
LORELAI: It’s not on the agenda.
MICHEL: I have not seen Sookie once this month where she has not greeted me by shoving something in my mouth.
LORELAI: Are you sure it was food every time?
MICHEL: You can joke, but as long as super low rise jeans are in fashion for men, I must stay trim or I’ll die.
[They walk up to Sookie’s house and knock on the door]
SOOKIE: [calls from inside the house] Come on in!
LORELAI: How low we talking here?
MICHEL: I’ve had to wax.

LORELAI: You do not babysit ever. And yet here you are wearing your super-low-cut jeans making up baby games, and I want to know why.
MICHEL: I hate Tobin! He’s a sniveling little sycophantic tushie kisser, and I hate him!
LORELAI: Michel!

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