Gilmore Girls Project: Season Four, Ted Koppel’s Big Night Out

Season Four

Episode Seventy-Four: “Ted Koppel’s Big Night Out”

Original Airdate: November 18, 2003

The Harvard-Yale game leads to a rift between Emily and Richard and a dinner date for Jason and Lorelai. Luke’s new employee drives everyone away from the diner.

So much is packed into this one episode it’s hard to know where to start.

First off there is Luke’s horrible new employee. The one everyone hates and the one who gives people butt napkins and plays a fake guitar on the counter.

Then there is the football game. Love those scenes and love seeing how much fun they all have at the tailgate party. At least until the drama with Pennilyn Lot happens. Ouch. Although, I have to point out that in an earlier episode, Let the Games Begin, the one where Richard tricks Rory into an interview at Yale, when they speak of the woman Richard was engaged to, her name wasn’t Pennilyn. They called her Linny Lot.

Another thing I’ll never figure out is why Emily and Lorelai went to the ladies room in the school when they had that RV there. Uh, there is a bathroom in the RV. I get that they would have to then empty out the tank upon returning it to the rental place they rented it from. However, given their money, couldn’t they have paid someone to do that if they didn’t want to?

The big shocker of the episode is Paris and the Professor. Uh . . . don’t really know where to go with that. It’s kind of a gross sub plot considering their age difference. However, it does make for good drama throughout the season.

Lastly, there is Jason and Lorelai’s first date. I don’t care for Digger at all (as I’m sure you can tell), but their first date at the grocery store is kind of a fun scene to watch.

Funny Quotes:

LORELAI: There’s nothing to talk about.
RORY: Oh, come on. I’m in a serious romantic dry spell. I need to live vicariously through somebody.
LORELAI: He has called.
RORY: Okay.
LORELAI: He has sent things.
RORY: Pipe bombs?
LORELAI: Flowers, candy.
RORY: Even better.

PARIS: This is so great. Richard, I want to thank you for inviting me to lunch.
RICHARD: Well, you’re very welcome, Paris. How often does a man like me get the chance to entertain two such lovely and intelligent young ladies?
PARIS: You are a honey-tongued devil, aren’t you, Dick?

PARIS: I want you to take a win/lose photo.
RORY: A what?
PARIS: A photo as if we won and a photo as if we lost. That way, I have it to remember the day by.
RORY: Why don’t you just wait until we win or lose to take the photo?
PARIS: Oh, please, I’m already so bored out of my mind, I’m thinking of transferring to Princeton for the hell of it. There’s no way I’m gonna make it to the game. Just take the picture so I can go home.
RORY: Okay. We won. [takes pictures] We lost. [takes picture] We’re done.

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