Gilmore Girls Project: Season Four, The Festival of Living Art

Season Four

Episode Seventy-Two: “The Festival of Living Art”

Original Airdate: November 4, 2003

The whole town gets involved posing as framed artwork for a festival. While the show goes on, Luke’s about-to-be ex shows up—and Sookie’s baby is a no-show, days after the due date.

Sookie is preparing for . . . a home birth! There might have been a time when I would have been freaked out about that myself, but honestly, having two children in hospitals and dealing with unpleasant stuff, I might consider staying home if I was planning on having another. Which I am not!!

But back to the episode, I’ve always kind of liked this one just because of how cool it is that they turn themselves into living paintings. The makeup and the set design is just magical. I think it would be the one town event I would love to go to in real life. I don’t know if I could stay still long enough to be in one of the paintings. Especially if I was in a odd position.

We also, in this episode, meet . . . drumroll please . . . Gil!!!! I still have no idea why Sebastian Bach agreed to do the show, but I’m so glad he did. He really added to the cast.

Funny Quotes:

RORY: Oh, wow. You’re really bummed about this, aren’t you?
LORELAI: On the outside, I am a mature adult who’s able to put setbacks like this in their proper place, and on the inside, I just wanna wear that pretty dress again!
RORY: You will.
LORELAI: Yeah, if a brick lands on Taylor’s head and he suddenly likes me again. Ooh, a brick.

LORELAI: Why would Baby think you’re an elephant?
SOOKIE: Because he’s tiny and stupid and floating around in a sack of fluid. He doesn’t know his butt from a hole in the ground.
LORELAI: What happened?
SOOKIE: You know, an elephant squirted me once at the zoo. Maybe it shot something on me – some kind of elephant-gestation juice.

LORELAI: I would give you a hug if you would sit still for one second.
SOOKIE: Yours came out. How’d you get yours out?
LORELAI: I swallowed a map.
SOOKIE: Cut the freaking vagueness. Why is it you mothers don’t want to pass down your wisdom to other mothers? You’re selfish.

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