Gilmore Girls Project: Season Four, The Fundamental Things Apply

Season Four

Episode Seventy: “The Fundamental Things Apply”

Original Airdate: October 21, 2003

What do you say when there’s nothing to talk about? Rory’s first college date is a dud. Meanwhile, Lorelai asks Luke to take Rory’s place in a Gilmore tradition: movie night.

I love the fall episodes and how they decorate the set with pumpkins and all the Autumn stuff!

So this episode is kind of slow. Not really much is going on except more renovations at the inn, which I’m sure is costing a pretty penny and I have no idea where they are getting the money. I know that $75,000 is a lot of money, which I think it’s even less since I never heard if her parents cashed the check to pay back for Chilton, however, construction and interior decorating with a designer has to be well over that and I doubt Sookie and Jackson are matching the cost. If they are, even $150,000 isn’t going to do all the work. Since Lorelai couldn’t get a loan to pay for her termite issue, how is she getting a loan to renovate and open an inn?

But moving on . . .

Ah, Marty, aka Naked Guy, the most boring and mundane character of the whole show. Not to mention utterly pointless. He’s not even that cute either. Sorry to the actor! I just never really saw the point to his character or why they introduced him.

And as for the roommate drama, I could not imagine living with three other girls, especially when two of them are fighting like Paris and Janet. I do not envy Rory at all in that department.

I do enjoy Luke and Lorelai finally having a movie night.


So what did you think of this episode?

Funny Quotes:

BABETTE: Hi, sugar. Don’t worry, I’m looking out for your mom.
RORY: I’m glad to hear that.
BABETTE: Oh, and just you wait ’til spring. You’re gonna wake up one morning, walk out, and pow – color coming out of your yin-yang! I’ll see you girls tomorrow. [goes into her house]
LORELAI: I’m going to have color coming out of my yin-yang.
RORY: Well, then maybe you’ll finally get a man.

RORY: This war is getting totally out of hand. This morning Paris turned off my alarm because Janet woke her up. I almost missed breakfast. I ran down to the dining hall in my pajamas and bunny slippers, and of course I ran into Marty.
LORELAI: Naked guy.
RORY: It was totally humiliating.
LORELAI: Humiliating ’cause naked guy’s hot?
RORY: It was humiliating because I had terrycloth rabbits on my feet.
LORELAI: So naked guy’s not hot?
RORY: Naked guy is Marty, and it’s not like that. He’s sweet.
LORELAI: Ah. Sweet means bad butt.
RORY: Sweet does not mean bad butt. Sweet means sweet.
LORELAI: Poor naked guy. He should’ve left his clothes on.

LORELAI: Did I tell you we’re gonna have horses?
NATALIE: The property already has stables, so why not?
LORELAI: I love horses. I’ve always loved horses ever since I was a little girl, and now I finally have a grown-up excuse to buy a pony.
LUKE: Great. Listen, National Velvet, you have to move this stuff out of here.

TANNA: Men respond subconsciously to a woman’s pheromones. You should run in place ’til he gets here. It’ll give you a nice musk.
RORY: Go back to your leg.
PARIS: Roommates meeting starts in two minutes. Hey, I told you to stop with the math and the Sharpies on my good sheets.
TANNA: Okay. Sorry.
PARIS: How come the puppy doesn’t pee on your bed?



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