Gilmore Girls Project: Season Three, Keg! Max!

Season Three

Episode Sixty-Two: “Keg! Max!”

Original Airdate: April 29, 2003

It looks like Lane’s band is on the stairway to stardom: They get a gig playing at a party that attracts every teen in town—and one 21 year-old, who brings a beer keg. Soon everybody’s tapping into trouble.

Luke’s butt.

Enough said.

And no, it’s not because you see it. It’s just the subject of a very funny conversation while he’s checking out the damage to the kitchen area on the Independence inn.

And now on to this episode. Once again we see normal Jess, then pissed off jerk Jess. I just don’t understand how Rory can put up with or like that about him. I get couples argue and that people have bad days or get in bad moods, but when he’s in that bad mood, look out.

The party scene is just like any high school party. Music, beer, drunk teens making stupid choices, and of course, Dean and Jess getting into a fight and wrecking the house. The only fun part about it was Lane getting drunk and calling Mrs. Kim! Although, even having never taken a drink there is no way chugging one beer is going to make her that buzzed. But again, it’s part of the plot so it has to happen.

As for the band name, my vote is for Follow them to the Edge of the Desert. I like it! Although, it is kind of long.

One good thing about this episode is the return of Max! I missed Max.

One awkward thing was Lorelai doing the turn down service on the room where Luke was staying with Nicole. Talk about a cringe-worthy few minutes.

One funny part is when Paris decides to take a few minutes with the Booster Club to lecture them about having the kids take a cruise on grad night is “the worst idea since Neville Chamberlain told the people of England, “Hey, don’t worry about Hitler. He’s a stand-up chap.”

So what did you think of this episode?

Funny Quotes:

Zack: You need to move back more.
Brian: Why?
Zack: Because when I do my double jump kick off the amp with slashing windmills, I’m gonna need more room.
Lane Kim: Well, don’t do that, then.
Dave Rygalski: Yeah, sounds a little too Milli Vanilli.

Lorelai: No, Luke, thanks for doing this. It’s exactly what the contractor said. We just wanted a guy with a good butt’s opinion.
Sookie: Yeah, Tom has a terrible butt.
Luke: Please stop that.

Rory: So you mean someone broke into our house, went past our TV, our stereo and our jewelry, then headed straight for the booster club cashbox, took $18 and left the rest?
Lorelai: Some burglars aren’t as greedy as others.

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