Gilmore Girls Project: Season Three, Face-Off

Season Three

Episode Fifty-Eight: “Face-Off”

Original Airdate: February 18, 2003

What do you do when your guy doesn’t call? Go to a hockey game. And if you’re Rory, that’s where you’ll see your old boyfriend with his new girlfriend. Emily catches Gran kissing a strange man.

Ah, the reality that Jess is a jerk and not like Dean is finally hitting Rory square in the face. Why she didn’t think of all this before, I’ll never know. Jess is Jess. She should have known he had issues. But no. She’s actually shocked when he doesn’t call. He does have times of being a nice guy, but the moments are fleeting.

I feel bad for Emily that she has to deal with Trixie, but I do love how she gets her revenge by outing her having a relationship with a man in a track suit. And it’s purple! That will teach the old tyrant, won’t it?

The only awkward part is finding out Dean has a new girlfriend. Ouch. But Rory should know he wasn’t going to stay single forever. It is odd that we don’t ever see Lindsey in any of the first two seasons. Small town, and all, but whatever. And then the annoying part was how after she came out of the hockey rink and sees Jess waiting all is forgotten. Yeah, sure. Go ahead and just let him treat you like crap and that you don’t matter and then act like it didn’t happen. Ugh.

So what did you think of this episode?

Funny Quotes:

Mrs. Kim: You have everything you need? Food, water, music notes?
Dave: Yes
Mrs. Kim: Where’s your tambourine?
Dave: We don’t have one.
Mrs. Kim: Next time bring one.
Zack: (to Brian) Dude, remember the drill instructor in Full Metal Jacket?
Brian: Totally!

Luke: Back when I was on the track team, we went to State three times in four years, and won it twice. Think they made buttons and put up banners? They couldn’t care less.
Lorelai: Luke, that’s because track is for dorks.
Rory: Yeah, it’s true. I’m sorry.
Luke: Okay, the conversing part of this morning is now over.

Richard: (about Trix’s boyfriend) Do you really think he was wearing a track suit? Well, I wonder if he was wearing Nikes also.
Lorelai: ‘Just do it’ takes on a whole new meaning doesn’t it?

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