Gilmore Girls Project: Season Three, That’ll Do, Pig

Season Three

Episode Fifty-Three: “That’ll Do, Pig”

Original Airdate: January 14, 2003

Has the world turned upside down? Paris zones out in class, daydreaming about her new boyfriend. And Emily takes Lorelai’s advice about how to coexist with a difficult woman—Richard’s imperious mother.

The winter carnival, Trixie (Lorelai’s grandmother, Richard’s mother) returning and dinner at the inn, plus Dean acting as a friend in order to perhaps get back with Rory while Jess seems to be making some mistakes—this episode is packed. Though I supposed the first one back after a month break would be.

One of my favorite scenes in this episode is Rory pulling that girl, Francie into the bathroom and giving her the rundown on how tough Rory can be. It was retribution for Francie yanking Rory into the bathroom a few episodes ago.

I have to take Emily’s side on this one. Trixie is awful. I mean the actress that plays her is brilliant, but she’s awful as a character. I guess she does have some good moments. I love that they follow her around the house. That was funny. I will say it was nice to see Lorelai giving Emily advice.

I do love how Dean makes Jess jealous, forcing him to go to the carnival when he doesn’t want to go. Although, keeping in character of Jess, he’s an absolute smart-butt that makes me want to slap him through my TV screen. He was so mean to Dean’s little sister, and I don’t like that Rory didn’t say anything to him about it. Ugh. He’s just such as jerk. I don’t like his character at all.

Funny Quote:

Lorelai: I totally suck at buying my father gifts. Especially for his birthday.
Rory: He’ll like whatever you get him.
Lorelai: If I slip him a Quaalude, he’ll like whatever I get him.

Lorelai: Could you get rid of it?
Dean: Yeah, yeah.
Lorelai: Don’t let his family see you. Spiders are vindictive. And this was a really big spider. I think it had a gun.

Paris: There was a ton of presents. I mean hundreds of presents. I’m looking at this mound of gifts and I’m thinking “8 days of Hanukkah”, who was the skin flint that thought up that deal?
Rory: Don’t the 8 days symbolize something?
Paris: Yes they symbolize 8 days of ripping off kids who can’t have a Hanukkah bush.

Emily: Well, your father’s sixtieth birthday dinner is back on.
Lorelai: What sixtieth birthday dinner?
Emily: The one that I had planned for Wednesday night.
Lorelai: Oh, were we coming?
Emily: Of course you were coming. You think you wouldn’t be invited?
Lorelai: Well, apparently, we weren’t invited.
Emily: I had just started planning the whole thing when he came home in a mood and declared that parties were for children and it was canceled.
Lorelai: Were we disappointed?

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