Gilmore Girls Project: Season Three, Let the Games Begin

Season Three

Episode Fifty-One: “Let the Games Begin”

Original Airdate: November 19, 2002

Richard has the bulldog spirit when he, Emily, Lorelai, and Rory tour Yale. He even arranges an admissions interview for Rory, although he knows she has her heart set on Harvard. Rory and Jess renew their romance.

Super. The start of Jess and Rory. Bleh. However, I’m starting to think, with every time I watch the series, that Jess was a big factor in Rory going to Yale instead of Harvard. Which if that’s the case, I am glad they got together. It would have ruined the show if she would have gone to Harvard because Boston is so far from Stars Hollow. But New Haven was close, so it helped keep the show alive with Rory coming home on the weekends and being just a quick drive away.

However, even with the wonderful feeling, I do enjoy this episode because they go to Yale and get to spend time with Richard and Emily. Even if Richard tricked Rory into an interview and made all the women mad, I still enjoyed seeing him take Rory around Yale, telling her all the stories from his days at the college.

Funny Quotes:

(Lorelai and Emily are talking about the broken button on Emily’s skirt)
Emily: I don’t believe it. This is a brand new skirt.
Lorelai: Mom, let me see.
Emily: I have this dinner to go tonight. What am I going to do?
Lorelai: Drink a lot. It’s easier to explain not wearing a skirt if you’re falling down drunk.

Luke: Uh, listen, I just want you to know that I had a little talk with Jess earlier.
Lorelai: You did?
Luke: Yes, I did, and I really laid down the rules concerning him and Rory. Trust me, he now knows that I am going to be watching them every second they are together.
Lorelai: Oh good.
Luke: Yup.
Lorelai: You know, they’re together now.
Luke: What?
Lorelai: Oh yeah. ‘I have to get a part for my car,’ ‘I’m going to go study’ – that’s kid code for ‘Meet me at the previously agreed upon location far away from my clueless uncle.’
Luke: You’re kidding me, right? You don’t really think that…damn, they are! They’re together. They used the kid code and now they’re together!

Rory: We go. We look. Hi Yale. Bye Yale. It’s over. No harm, no foul.
Lorelai: How many more two-word sentences can you come up with?

Rory: Why don’t you move over here with me?
Lorelai: Because I’m not the one who sat in the wrong chair.
Rory: I think it’s a little presumptuous to assume that my chair is the wrong chair when my chair could just as easily be the right chair.
Lorelai: No.
Rory: Why?
Lorelai: Because I’m the leader of the clan. The provider of the household. The Alpha male. And the one whose feet just fell asleep. So there’s absolutely no chance of movement.
Rory: Fine.

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