Gilmore Girls Project: Season Three, Eight O’Clock at the Oasis

Season Three

Episode Forty-Eight: “Eight O’Clock at the Oasis”

Original Airdate: October 22, 2002

Lorelai sees something she likes at an auction: a man. Only Emily knows his identity. Should Lorelai break her stay-out-of-my-love-life rule, just once? A broken sprinkler brings Rory and Jess together.

This episode always kind of annoys me. Only because of the neighbor and that house. Ugh. And then the boring auction guy. The whole episode was just sort of bleh. I think the only amusing part of the episode was Lorelai asking Emily for the guys number. I did like that board game collection at Dwights, though. That was cool to see.

Anyway, so I know that for the drama of the show, it was best that Lorelai had to get the auction guys name from her mother, however, why she tried so hard to find out his name when he never offered it in the first place. I would think any guy interested would introduce himself. But he walked off without even the slightest of introduction. That to me would scream not interested. But that’s just me. Probably good he was boring and they only went on one date.

Funny Quotes:

Michel: And you must always be extremely careful of your paddle movements.
Lorelai: Well, that certainly calls for a ‘Dirty!’

Michel: Always. You’ve got to be patient and wait for what you want to appear, then pounce.
Lorelai: Hm, true at an auction, true at a singles bar.

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