Gilmore Girls Project: Season Two, Lorelai’s Graduation Day

Season Two

Episode Forty-Two: “Lorelai’s Graduation Day”

Original Airdate: May 14, 2002

Lorelai’s graduating from community college so Rory organizes a cheering section for the event. Everyone shows up except for Rory, who takes an impulsive trip to New York to see Jess and doesn’t make it back in time.

There is one moment in this episode that always chokes me up. After Lorelai gets her diploma she looks at her parents in the audience, and as the camera pans to them too, we see Emily getting emotional while Richard beams with pride.

Call me an old softy, but I just love the moments where Lorelai and her parents are actually getting along with each other. She fights them so hard–and a little too hard at times, I think–but then they have moments where there is nothing but family love.

Maybe that’s why this show is so great. Because there is a believable balance, even if we have to go through the yucky parts.

It really sucks that Rory missed the graduation, and because she went to see Jess. Although, I know it had to be written that way to not only add drama, but it’s about time Rory starts doing a few impulsive things.

Still, though, not really a fan of the plot that that she missed it. They are so close and she misses the one thing that is so important? I guess it can’t be all rainbows and butterflies, though.

Funny Quotes:

Rory: Do they allow hot dogs in the subway?
Jess: You are such an out-of-towner!

Rory: I’m so sorry, Mom.
Lorelai: (sarcastically) Aw, really? You didn’t make that clear.

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