Gilmore Girls Project: Season Two, Help Wanted

Season Two

Episode Forty-One: “Help Wanted”

Original Airdate: May 7, 2002

No Post-Its, no paper clips. At Richards new consulting business, volunteer office manager Lorelai needs to hire a replacement—fast. When a music store opens, Lane hears the siren call of a shiny red drum set.

I actually like this episode, well, at least the part where Lorelai and Richard bond over getting his new office together. I wish the scene in the office supply store was little longer. Of course, this probably is because I have an addiction for walking around office supply stores. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because office supply stores promise organization.

It makes me really sad when they seem to have a little tiff moment when he expects her keep coming back and she can’t. But then they make up at his business party so it works out.

Funny Quotes:

(Lorelai answers the phone at Richard’s office)
Lorelai: Gilmore Group, may I help you?
Emily: Yes, Richard Gilmore, please.
Lorelai: (in high-pitched voice) Oh, um, uh, certainly, may I ask who’s calling?
Emily: Emily Gilmore.
Lorelai: And does he know what this is about?
Emily: Well, I hope so, I’m his wife.
Lorelai: (giggles) Oh, but Richard didn’t say anything about being married.
Emily: What!
Lorelai: (back in normal voice) Mom, relax, it’s me.
Emily: Lorelai?
Lorelai: Yes.
Emily: Well, you’re crude and unprofessional.
Lorelai: Well, I’d like that on my tombstone, please.

Rory: You know, there will be food there.
Lorelai: Finger food, aka snooty little balls of attitude!
Rory: Oh boy.
Lorelai: I need real food, peasant food, hearty bread, meat, cheese, little pickle chips, sauce, a special sauce. This is the food that sustains me, this is the food of my…
Rory: Oh my God, just eat the burger already!
Lorelai: How crabby!
Rory: I’m not crabby.
Lorelai: I didn’t even get through my special sauce speech. That’s crabby.

Lorelai: I’m sorry, but when my daughter comes home broken, I get to hate the person who broke her. That’s the way it works. Jess is gone, and I get to hate him forever!

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