Gilmore Girls Project: Season Two, There’s the Rub

Season Two

Episode Thirty-Seven: “There’s the Rub”

Original Airdate: April 9, 2002

A trip to a posh spa is just what Lorelai needs, complete with Emily along along as gal pal. More uncomfortable company: with Lorelai gone, Rory plans an evening alone, until Paris, Jess, and Dean barge in.

This episode has always been one I’ve really liked. Well, at least the part where Lorelai and Emily go to the spa. I don’t care so much for the fight Dean and Rory get in about Jess before Paris bails her out. Of course, I did like how Paris came to her aid. That was nice of her. I do like the few funny moments like when Jess gives Rory the umbrella while she’s sitting at the table because of all the construction or when Paris and Rory bond over a sleepover.

I like how Emily and Lorelai also share a bonding moment, even if it’s almost ruined by Emily getting angry over dancing with that other man and taking it out on Lorelai. I do like how they make up in the end, and bond over stealing robes from the spa. It kind of makes me want one of those robes myself.

Funny Quotes:

Emily: (about Lorelai’s shade of lipstick) That’s a pretty color. What’s it called?
Lorelai: “Vicious Trollop.”
Emily: Now why do you say things like that? (Lorelai shows her the lipstick tube). Now why would you name a lipstick that?
Lorelai: Because “Dirty Whore” was taken.

Lorelai: Mom, you signed us up for a couple’s massage.
Emily: So?
Lorelai: A couple’s massage is for a couple not a couple of people.
Emily: It’s more efficient this way. We’ll both be finished at the same time.
Lorelai: Mom, do you know what most people who get these massages do about five minutes after it’s over? They have sex, together, probably while wearing their robes.

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