Gilmore Girls Project: Season Two, A-Tisket, A-Tasket

Season Two

Episode Thirty-Four: “A-Tisket, A-Tisket”

Original Airdate: February 5, 2002

Spring is here and so is the annual Stars Hollow picnic basket auction. The budding results in some interesting pairings like Sookie and Kirk, Land and her cousin . . . and Rory and . . . Jess?

Jackson and Sookie are getting married!!! They way Sookie says yes always makes me tear up a bit. She’s just so sweet in that moment. I do have to say that Jackson should have actually had the “I was thinking we should move in together” conversation when he first approached Sookie about the renewing of his lease. But he was kind of, round about asking that really was a bit confusing. Then he gets mad at her for not getting it? Not mad and annoyed at him, but sometimes this show’s drama plot lines could be solved with just a simple conversation.

Aside from not liking how Jess treats Dean in this episode, I also have a distaste for how Dean treats Rory. I can understand that he gets mad, but again, we see his temper flare and he talks to her in a way that if a boy talked to one of my girls in that way, I’d punch him.

This is also the first episode where I think Rory is starting to really feel something for Jess. Hmmm . . . remember, while I’m a Jess fan in the later seasons, I’m not now. Ugh.

Also noted, the actor who played Ceasar is a different man. So this made me research into how many men played him. As it turns out there were actually 3 different men who played Caesar. An Asian man, a hispanic looking man (who is in this episode when Lorelai goes into the diner to get Luke so he can bid on her basket), and then finally Aris Alvarado, the one we know in the end because Aris was the only one who had any speaking lines.

Oh, the things I’ve noticed.

So what are your thoughts on this episode?

Funn Quotes:

(Lorelai and Luke are about to have a picnic after Luke bought her picnic basket)
Lorelai: Hey, where are you going?
Luke: I am going to the diner, I’m going to get us some edible food, and I’m gonna bring it back here for us to eat!
Lorelai: That is so not the point of today. I made this. I’m insulted. I will now proceed to pout.
Luke: I’ll bring back some brownies.
Lorelai: Ooh, the pouting has left the building.

Jackson: I think we should get married.
Sookie: But – uh, but…
Jackson: Soon.
Sookie: Are you pregnant?

Miss Patty: Listen darling, do you happen to have change for a dollar?
Lorelai: I think so.
Miss Patty: I don’t know where my quarters go.
Lorelai: Down some guy’s g-string, I would expect.
Miss Patty: Oh no, a quarter would be insulting.

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