Gilmore Girls Project: Season Two, The Bracebridge Dinner

Season Two

Episode Thirty-One: “The Bracebridge Dinner”

Original Airdate: December 11, 2001

Let it snow, let it snow! At the last moment, a Chicago snowstorm strands guests who paid for a fabulous dinner at the inn, so Lorelai invites most of Stars Hollow to the feast.

This episode made me wonder what exactly is a Bracebridge dinner. Through a Google search, I found that they have a yearly one in Yosemite, called The Bracebridge Dinner at Yosemite. Huh. Go figure. Might be something fun to go do.

I actually always have fun watching this episode. I love the concept of a town, over-the-top slumber party and a cozy inn in the middle of winter with horse drawn sleighs. The only problem is this is just one more step closer Jess and Rory take to one another. As for the dinner, I love how Lorelai tries to get Kirk out of character by arguing with him over which was better, the California episodes of I Love Lucy or the European ones. My vote is European. In fact the one in the Swiss Alps is tops on my favorite list.

Hmm, maybe I should do an I Love Lucy project after this!

Anyhoo, back to the episode. I really wish we could have seen the after dinner party where Bootsy plays Hotel California with spoons on his head and Jackson lifts up his shirt and joins him playing the drums on his stomach.

I do have to say, though, one of my favorite Gilmore Girls moments happens in this episode. After Emily learns that Richard retires, she’s so mad at him that she goes to bunk with Lorelai and Rory in their room. Just before bed, her and Lorelai are in front of mirrors (Emily in the bathroom and Lorelai at a vanity) and they have the same routine for applying night cream.

Cracks me up every time.

Funny Quotes:

Luke: Gotta say sleigh rides are a little much but these horses are really beautiful.
Lorelai: Yes, especially from this angle.
Luke: Not just from this angle.
Lorelai: No, seriously don’t back track. The horse has got a nice butt there.
Luke: That’s not what I’m saying.
Lorelai: Nice firm hine.
Luke: Stop talking about the horse’s hine.

Jess: What’s the white stuff?
Luke: I think it’s cream … or cheese.
Jess: How about the green stuff?
Luke: I think it’s … best picked off.

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