Gilmore Girls Project: Season Two, The Ins & Outs of Inns

Season Two

Episode Twenty-Nine: “The Ins & Outs of Inns”

Original Airdate: November 20, 2001

The first rule of partnership: no yelling. Lorelai and Sookie cheerfully make plans for opening their own inn. But when they learn the Independence might be sold, Lorelai has a super-size meltdown.

I still, even after all these years, can’t figure out why Fran won’t sell the Dragonfly. I mean, I realize it was pretty much for the story, but good golly miss molly old lady, sell the darn inn! You don’t need it or use it. Sell it. Enjoy the money!

Aside from that question that has always bugged me, all I can say about this episode is . . . MIA!!! The owner of the Independence Inn has returned to town. We finally get to meet the woman who took a chance on Lorelai when she showed up at the inn at 16 with a baby on her hip. I love the interaction between them, especially when Emily comes to finally meet Mia for the first time ever.

We also learn that as a teenager Luke was a Trekkie. LOL

Funny Quotes:

Rory: You were a Trekkie?
Luke: I was not a Trekkie.
Lorelai: Oh. Oh, I do believe denying you were a Trekkie is a violation of the prime directive.
Rory: Indubitably, Captain.

Taylor: This goes well beyond a head of lettuce, young man. The charges against your nephew are numerous. He stole the ‘save the bridge’ money.
Luke: He gave that back.
Taylor: He stole a gnome from Babette’s garden.
Luke: Pierpont was also returned.
Miss Patty: He hooted one of my dance classes.
Fran: He took a garden hose from my yard.
Man: My son said he set off the fire alarms at school last week.
Lorelai: I heard he controls the weather and wrote the screenplay to Glitter.

Lorelai: So, Mia, how’s living in Santa Barbara?
Mia: Horrible. Did you know the damn sun shines all the time out there?
Rory: They’ve written songs about that.
Mia: Well, no one told me that’s how it was. Half of my wardrobe is obsolete.
Lorelai: Aw, drag. Hey, you know that vintage-y blue coat?
Mia: You’re not getting it.

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