Gilmore Girls Project: Like Mother, Like Daughter

Season Two

Episode Twenty-Eight: “Like Mother, Like Daughter”

Original Airdate: November 13, 2001

The in crowd: that’s what Rory reluctantly joins to develop social skills at Chilton. In inn crowd: that’s who hosts a school fashion show that features Lorelai and Emily in matching outfits. Can you say inncredible?

Go ahead and call this episode another one of my favorites. First because there are fall decorations everywhere!!!! I love the fall episodes. They always make me want to go to Connecticut in the fall to see all the pretty colors.

There are also so many funny moments in this episode, especially from Paris. Like when she walks by the table full of puffs, noticing Rory. Once out of screen, she backs up, looking so confused. Then there is Rory’s outburst in Headmaster Charleston’s office. And where Lorelai calls Michel to come pick her up, but proceeds to have a conversation with Rory, putting him on hold.

Lastly, we can’t forget about the fashion show!

The only thing I’ve never liked about this episode is the school getting involved in Rory’s social life, telling her colleges don’t like loners or that she needs to be more social. I agree with Lorelai, they overstepped. They push her into a social crowd, then punish her when she does. Not to mention, they don’t do anything about the bullying when Lorelai mentions it in the first season. When she tells them, and they defend themselves, staying that they have students who are highly competitive and are proud of it.

Funny Quotes:

(Luke walks into the inn with his toolbox)
Lorelai: Oh, thank god. You brought Bert.
Luke: Right here.
Lorelai: My men! Follow me.
Luke: By the way, you do tell people that you’re the one who named my toolbox, right?
Lorelai: (chuckles) Toolbox. Dirty.
Luke: Jeez!

Rory (startled by Paris) God, you’re like a pop-up book from hell!

Rory: (chuckling to herself) Barry Manilow.
Lorelai: Stop!
Rory: (singing) Looks like we made it.
Lorelai: Oh yeah? Spice Girls!
Rory: Duran Duran!
Lorelai: Dido!
Rory: Olivia Newton-John!
Lorelai: The Macarena! You and Lane for hours and hours for weeks on end!
Rory: Hey! We were mocking, you can’t mock the mocking!
Lorelai: All right, it’s getting ugly. Let’s stop.
Rory: Let’s be friends again.
Lorelai: All right.

Lorelai (on the phone with Michel after finding out her car won’t start): Come pick me up?
Michel: I am already here.
Lorelai: Put Carol on the desk and come pick me up.
Michel: I am not speaking to Carol. She ate my low-fat cheese.
Lorelai: Michel, come pick me up and I will buy you some cheese.
Michel: Low-fat cheese.
Lorelai: Low-fat cheese.
Michel: Low-fat American cheese.
Lorelai: Low-fat American cheese.
Michel: And a meringue cookie.
Lorelai: Just get over here.
Michel: Fine.

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