Gilmore Girls Project: Season Two, Hammers and Veils

Season Two

Episode Twenty-Three: “Hammers and Veils”

Original Airdate: October 9, 2001

Top grades and SAT scores? Good . . . but not good enough for Harvard. So Rory gets extra busy with an extracurricular activity, building a house for charity. And Sookie cooks up a surprise engagement party.

I have to say this is probably the first of a few episodes where I actually get a little annoyed at Lorelai. She doesn’t tell her parents she’s getting married and then is offended when they don’t respond in the way she thinks they should. Um, perhaps if she’d been a bit more forthcoming, the situation wouldn’t have played out the way she did. Sometimes she really does treat them like she could care less about how they feel. Kind of rubs me the wrong way in this episode.

I always hate it when Lorelai and Emily get into screaming matches–which is more often than I care to admit in this show. But I do love when they actually have tender moments between them, and at the end, when Lorelai asks Emily for advice on a veil, we see it.

Emily has another new maid too! Mariana! I’m adding her to the list.

I still wish I could see the ring Max gave her . . . GRRR!

And, can I just say, I would love to have the hammer Lorelai made for Rory!

I think I might try to make one . . .

So what did you think of this episode?

Funny Quotes:

Rory: What’s that?
Lorelai: A hammer.
Rory: Why does it have feathers?
Lorelai: So the rhinestones and bows won’t feel lonely.

Lorelai: I’m officially changing my order. I’ll have the ‘Luke’s giving Lorelai a migraine’ meal.
Luke: Blue cheese or ranch?

Lorelai: (about telling Emily that she’s getting married) Mom, I’m getting married I’m an idiot and you know, as my mouth was opening my mind was screaming ‘Don’t do it I mean it, you’ll regret it.’ But did my mouth listen?
Rory: No.
Lorelai: No and it opened, and the words came out, and Emily was Emily, and my mouth was stunned, and my mind said ‘I told you so’ and then my mouth got mad cause no mouth likes to have its nose rubbed in it and now my mind and my mouth aren’t talking and it’ll be weeks before we get the boys together again.
Rory: Your mouth has a nose?

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