Gilmore Girls Project: Season One, Love, Daisies, & Troubadours

Season One

Episode Twenty-One: “Love, Daisies, & Troubadours”

Original Airdate: May 10, 2001

Love goes: Rachel suspects there’s more to the Luke-Lorelai relationship than good coffee. Love returns: Rory finally says the words Dean needs to hear. Love must decide: Max has exactly 1,000 yellow daisies and one question for Lorelai.

One thing that struck me as odd in this episode is that when Lane and Rory were talking about their day (right before Rory goes into the market for the first time in months), Lane was talking about how a girl told her she was cheerleader material and she was absolutely offended by the notion. But then in season two, she actually becomes a cheerleader. Which was odd in itself because I’ve never understood why Mrs. Kim lets her become a cheerleader, but doesn’t like her going to concerts or movies with boys or wants her in a band, but she lets her be a cheerleader?

Anywhoo, back to the episode.

I love that Max is getting to know them both so well, he gives them ring pops. Again, I gotta say, I love Luke for Lorelai, but Max is a close second. I was sad they didn’t last. This is also the first episode where Harry Porter, the town mayor, isn’t at the town meeting or at the podium. Taylor is though, and Harry is never mentioned ever again. There wasn’t even a mention of Taylor winning the town election for Mayor. He was just mayor.

Poor Harry.

But, life goes on . . . so I also say Bye, Harry!

So what did you think of this episode?

Funny Quotes:

(At the town meeting)
Taylor: Lorelai, I hope that’s not food in those bags. Food is not allowed at town meetings.
Lorelai: No Taylor, it is it’s um, diapers for the little ones.
Taylor: What?
Lorelai: Dorsal fins and cucamonga.
Taylor: What did she say?
Lorelai: (Whispering to Max) I confuse him till he loses his train of thought and then he moves on. Hot dog?

(Later, when Lorelai has fries in her hand and Taylor looks at her suspiciously)
Lorelai: These are not fries. They are farfignugen sugen dugen.

Dean: (referring to Tristan) Your boyfriend’s waiting.
Rory: He’s not my boyfriend! I hate him!
Dean: Whatever.
Rory: Dean!
Dean: What?
Rory: Stop!
Dean: Why?
Rory: Because I love you, you idiot!

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