Gilmore Girls Project: Season One, Christopher Returns

Season One

Episode Fifteen: “Christopher Returns”

Original Airdate: March 1, 2001

Now that Christopher Hayden, Lorelai’s old flame and Rory’s father, is a guest in the girls’ house, enough time has past for the Haydens and Gilmores to enjoy a reunion dinner at the Gilmore mansion, right? Wrong. Very Wrong.

Ah, Christopher, the man who is Rory’s father is finally revealed, and I have to say I’ve always liked his character. He played off Lorelai well, and it’s no surprise, they were ever a couple. Towards the end of the show, in the latter seasons, I liked him less and less, although, I think that had more to do with the writing than the character himself. That whole seventh season was just off. Luke seemed off. Christopher seemed off. It was just not the greatest of seasons. Of course, that was due to the writers leaving over a dispute. But that’s not really a topic to unpack right now.

Back to this episode, I liked seeing Christoper back in the dynamic, and I enjoyed the scene at the Gilmore mansion before dinner with his parents. While we knew that Christopher’s parents weren’t the nicest people, seeing it acted out only showed us on a deeper level. I wish I could have stepped through the TV and punched Straub myself! What a complete jerk! I’m kind of glad they weren’t in anymore episodes. Although, I would have liked to have it mentioned what they thought of Rory graduating as valedictorian from Chilton or going to Yale. I mean, since they looked down upon her in this episode, it would have been nice to see them eating crow.

So what did you think of this episode?

Funny Quotes:

Emily: Straub is actually a good man. Very smart. He was one of the top lawyers in his field, a very arcane aspect of International law. And he’s always been so active in his community. His charity work has never diminished over the years. (she pauses) Oh let’s face it – he’s a big ass. [Rory laughs] Rory, I know you heard a lot of talk about various disappointments this evening and I know you’ve heard a lot of talk about it in the past. But I want to make this very clear – you, young lady, your person and your existence have never ever been – not even for a second -included in that list. Do you understand me?
Rory: Yeah, I do.

Straub: Tell me, Lorelai. What have you been doing with your life anyway, besides hating successful businessmen? I’m just curious.
Emily: Why don’t we all go into the dining room?
Lorelai: Well, um, Straub, I run an inn near Stars Hollow.
Straub: Really?
Lorelai: Yes, really.
Christopher: Dad, come on.
Straub: Nice to see you found your calling.
Emily: Dinner’s ready.
Francine: Christopher, your tie.
Christopher: Mom, please.
Straub: (to Lorelai) And is your life everything you hoped it would be?
Lorelai: Yes, it is.
Straub: Because it seems to me that you might not want to take such a haughty tone when you announce to the world that you work in a hotel.

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