Gilmore Girls: Season One, Double Date

Season One

Episode Twelve: “Double Date”

Original Airdate: January 18, 2001

On the front lines of dating wars! Lorelai ends up with a horribly rude blind date when she agrees to double with Sookie and Jackson. Mrs. Kim is livid when she learns Lane deceived her to go out on a date.

So I have to say that even though Rune was a total a$$hat, I loved his role. He just made the scenes when he was in them, and I think it’s so much fun when he returns later in the season as the new handy-man. I also loved seeing Sookie and Jackson finally come together too, and I loved how they styled her hair in the updo for the date. It was so pretty.

I have to laugh every time I see Melissa McCarthy play sweet Sookie when I’ve also seen her as the gun-toting, foul-mouthed cop in The Heat, or even in that movie Tammy.

I also have to laugh at how Lane always seems to find the weirdest guys who she thinks is always her soul mate. Todd was a definite zero, and how she found him, I’ll never know. Then again, I think back to my teenage years and some of the boys I had crushes on. If I could go back in time, I’d smack myself. Oh to be a foolish teen.

So what did you think of the episode?

Funny Quotes:

Mrs. Kim: Eyes work, they see lamp in aisle, send message to brain: ‘Lamp in aisle – move!’ You move. You don’t break lamp.
Man: I …
Mrs. Kim: You have no eyes, not my problem, that is between you and them. You break, you buy!
(The man gives in and gives her some money)
Mrs. Kim: (suddenly sweet) We appreciate your business.

After making Lorelai go on a double date with Sookie, Jackson and his cousin Rune)
Sookie: You will not regret this.
Lorelai: Pick another phrase.
Sookie: You will not have to pay.
Lorelai: Much better.

Rune: (about Lorelai) I can’t believe you set me up with that! What, was the bearded lady busy tonight or something?

Lorelai: Hey, you know the one good thing we learned from this?
Rory: What?
Lorelai: That I’m a babe.

Lorelai: Bye, Lune!

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