Gilmore Girls Project: Season One, Forgiveness and Stuff

Season One

Episode Ten: “Forgiveness and Stuff”

Original Airdate: December 21, 2000

If the holidays can’t patch up some of Emily and Lorelai’s differences, perhaps a medical emergency can. It may even bring Luke and Lorelai a little closer, too.

I think, hands down, my favorite part of this episode is that it’s filmed around Christmas and there is a beautiful tree in Lorelai’s house. It looks just like our tree does with tons of colored lights and ornaments. Love seeing the tree! I’ll have to make sure to keep an eye out for Christmas trees in all the other seasons, however, I’m not remembering any right now. I think this is the only season they show one.

One little error I noticed was when Lorelai shows up at the hospital she’s wearing a blue coat. Then when she goes back through the doors to check on Richard’s updates, she comes out without the coat. At first we think the coat is in Richard’s room, however, when Richard does come out, he comes through the doors she went behind, is taken down the hallway, and put in a different room. So what happened to her coat?

I really love the moment Lorelai and Richard have while he’s in the hospital bed. I only wish they could have at least said a few words before they were interrupted. I know for the story why they were and I think it adds a level of sweetness that they only shared looks, but still a few words would have been strong too.

What did you think of this episode?

Funny Quotes:

Emily: So what is exactly going on between the two of you?
Luke: Nothing. Really. We’re friends, that’s it.
Emily: You’re idiots-the both of you.

Lorelai: Rory, there are only two things that I trust in this entire world. The fact that I will never be able to understand what Charo is saying no matter how long she lives in this country, and you.
Rory: Hopefully not in that order.

Rory: What about the apple tarts? You wait all year for those apple tarts!
Lorelai: I can live without the apple tarts.
Rory: You’ve made up songs after eating five of them with lyrics that contradict that last statement.

Emily: (almost in tears) Richard Gilmore, there may be many things happening in this hospital tonight, but your dying is not one of them. I did not sign on to your dying, and it is not going to happen. Not tonight, not for a very long time. In fact, I demand to go first. Do I make myself clear?
Richard: (tenderly) Yes, Emily. You may go first.

Too bad that doesn’t happen and Richard ends up going first in the Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life . . . 

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