Gilmore Girls Project: Season One, The Pilot

Gilmore Girls is 20 years old!

And to celebrate this occasion, I thought I would do something some might think is crazy or even pointless. Do I care? Nope. Because there are is also going to be some who will probably enjoy this ride along with me, having a blast.

To those people, you are my people, and I hope you enjoy this project as much as I will enjoy creating it.

So what is this project? Well, every day for the next couple of months, I will blog about an episode of Gilmore Girls. In these posts you will find an episode breakdown along with my thoughts and of course any funny quotes and Gilmore-isms.

Just like Luke Danes had a “dark day”, I have a dark day. May 15, 2007. It was the day the last episode of Gilmore Girls aired. Every day since I’ve missed it and wished they would bring it back, and for more than those revival episodes that left me screaming at my computer screen in the end. I guess one can hope, right?

For now, and in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the start of the show, I’d like to start off this Gilmore Girl project with day one, episode one.

Season One

Episode One: “The Pilot.”

Original Airdate: October 5, 2000

Rory is accepted into the elite Chilton prep school. Bad news for Lorelai: she must make amends with her parents to borrow the money for Rory’s tuition. The money is available—with strings attached.

My thoughts: First of all, I’m so glad that WB had the sense to build a set for Stars Hollow on the back lot instead of filming in the town they filmed the pilot in.

The layout is odd, Luke’s diner just isn’t the same, and the town actually has the look and feel of a bigger city town, not the tiny town of Stars Hollow that I fell in love with. Not to mention her parents house is different as there is only one entrance into the living room where they always have their before dinner drinks. It’s always funny to me how different the shows turn out after the pilot is accepted, and how it always feels like they are changes for the better.

One thing that often confused me was how they introduced characters that you never saw again. Like if it was such a small town, how come we don’t ever see those four girls in Rory’s class painting their nails and making fun of her because she was doing the homework assignment. You’d think we would see them at least once.

Final thought; I’ve always understood the how the relationship between Lorelai and her parents was strained, but I’ve also always been a little frustrated with the fact that she doesn’t seem to appreciate that no matter what is going on in her life, all she has to do is call them and they will give her anything she needs.

I think sometimes she loses sight of that. Not that she is supposed to be dependent on them. As an independent person myself, I get it. But sometimes she can be a little “too” independent. I mean, I get they are overbearing and she says they wanted to control her, but aside from a few things they do behind her back, they really never do anything outright mean to her.

No matter what she’s done, they still love her and are still there for her.

Part that made me laugh: The choreography between Melissa and the two other chefs is awesome! It feels so natural and I always laugh out loud when she hits the guy in the face with the pan.

Some funny quotes:

Lorelai to Rory: “Oh, you’re not gonna give me the ‘Mommie Dearest’ treatment forever, are you?”

Lorelai: “Is something burning?”
Sookie: “My bangs earlier. Go on, go on, go on.”

Rory: “How many meals is it gonna take ’til we’re off the hook?”
Lorelai: “I think the deli spread at my funeral will be the last one.”

Dean: “Are you moving?”
Rory: “No, just my books are.”

So what are your thoughts on Season One, Episode One: “The Pilot.”?

Looking for more episodes? Check out the Gilmore Girls Project for a complete list!

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