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Imagine getting full custody of your two young boys and then waking up to realize one day they are missing. Then imagine finding out weeks later they were living with some woman in New York because their father, after kidnapping them, fled the country with the boys on the ill-fated Titanic that sank in the early morning hours in the middle of the Atlantic.

Seems like something out of a story that only an author could make up?

Well, it’s not.

Meet Edmond and Michel Navratil–the Titanic Orphans.

Unable to speak English, and having only known their own nicknames, the boys were left orphaned, unknown to anyone and everyone, after the Titanic sank from under them. It was presumed their father and mother didn’t survive the sinking.

Or so that’s what officials thought. Come to find out they were only half right.

A month of newspaper articles and pictures finally revealed the truth when their mother saw the newspapers and learned they were in America and their father sank with the ship.

Can you imagine?

After finding out this story, I knew I had to add them into my own story, Lost on the Atlantic. They make a brief cameo and helped me with one difficult part of my storyline. Of course, the real boys have long since passed, but their story lives on.

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The gossip had spread across Ireland. People talked of her speed, size, and how even God couldn’t sink her.

Titanic—the ship that could forever change their lives.

With Ireland on the brink of war, passengers Siobhan and her husband Declan board the luxury steamer headed to America. While her husband dreams of a better life in a new country, Siobhan dreams of a life on stage, singing for audiences young and old.

Having read the stories from her husband during the three years he helped build the ship, Siobhan is excited to see all the lavishness carved into every inch from the bow to the stern. Unfortunately, their third class tickets hinder their ability to wonder into the deepest secrets of the first class areas.

Determined to experience all the ship has to offer, they steal clothes from the cargo hold and pose as members of the elite, vowing to talk to no one. Their devious plan goes awry, however, as they soon find themselves not only invited to dinners and parties, but they are making friends with the rich and famous passengers interested in helping Siobhan’s dream come true.

Can they run the con long enough to make it to New York? Or will their lies catch up with them? And will it matter when the ship is headed toward a fate no one thought possible?

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