May Announcements

Wow. May. Where in the world did May come from? Like seriously? I knew I was coming. I mean, I just sent you a Happy April newsletter. But still May? Already?

At least one happy note about it being May is that my birthday is in a few short days. I will be 41, and if I thought saying it was May felt weird, saying I will be 41 is on a whole other level of weird I can’t explain. Aside from my birthday, I also will be traveling to my hometown for my yearly Spring visit. We are a little late this year, but that’s because I had to schedule my time there for after my dad’s back surgery. Talk about stressful on its own. Anyway, I need to be there while he recovers so I can help my mom, plus run the family business.

First and foremost, I wanted to apologize for getting this out so late. I was speaking at a writer’s conference the past few days and didn’t have a chance to get this out. So sorry! I did post a couple of pictures in my READER GROUP and INSTAGRAM (don’t forget to join and follow if you haven’t already!).

Be sure to check them out to see all the fun. Or at least see me sweating like a farm animal up by the podium. That’s entertainment in itself.

So what do I have for you this month? A couple of updates and a couple of good reads, so make sure you check out the books below. I know I’ve been remiss in sending book suggestions along with some of these newsletters. I’m sorry for that and I will make sure that it doesn’t continue to happen.

As for updates, it’s full steam ahead for Through the Eyes of a Captive. All I have to do is read it one last time (which is actually not something I’m looking forward to as I’ve read it so many times that I actually hate it) and then format it. Once I have that step done then I can create the paperback cover!! I’ll have the dates and links for the online release party in the June newsletter so make sure you open that update too!

Aside from getting all my ducks in a row with that book, I’ve also been diving back into The Woman on the Painted Horse. I have only 11 short months left on my contract, and I want it revised, edited, and ready to go so I can republish it as soon as I get my rights back. I’m loving the changes I’ve already made and I think they will make this book even better!

Well, that’s about all I have for a writing update this month. I hope you all have a great May and I’ll see you in June!

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