January Announcements

Happy 2019!

I have to admit that it feels rather odd to say that. It seems like the years are flying by, and it’s a toss-up if I want them to continue at this pace or to slow down.

I’m eager for some big happenings in 2020 (like, say, getting my rights back to my first two novels, The Woman on the Painted Horse and In the Land of Gold), but I’m not ready for my children to be another year older and another year closer to them leaving for college or to start their lives in whatever course they choose. I’m also not ready for me or my parents to get any older.


Okay, enough with the heavy. I can’t be heavy when it’s the start of a new year. These first few weeks are supposed to be full of hopes, dreams, and excitement for the unknown and I, certainly, don’t want to bog anyone down, myself included. So it’s with this kind of enthusiasm that I turn this post around.

Welcome to 2019!!

So what do I have in store for January’s updates and announcements?

First and foremost, I’d like to announce the changes to this blog. Starting this month, instead of a once a week blog, I will blog on the first Monday of the month. The theme will still be about writing and reading, what is going on in the book world, and most importantly my updates and announcements.

So what are those for January? I’m still working toward getting Through the Eyes of a Captive out into the world. I’m waiting on several agents, so I don’t have much of an update on that. Yay for the wait!

As I mentioned above, this is my final year for my contract with Soul Mate Publishing for The Woman on the Painted Horse. Knowing this, I will be starting the rewrites and revisions for the novel so that I can republish the new and improved story early next year. This edition will have new chapters, a new ending, and a brand new shiny cover that I’ve already started to design. I can’t wait to share it and the story as I’ve been wanting to get my hands on it for the last six years.

That’s all I have for now. I hope that everyone had a lovely New Years! And many wishes to all of you for a safe, healthy, and happy new year! I hope that 2019 is great for all of you!

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