Rest of the Year Break #writing #amwriting #amwritingromance #romance #historicalromance

Peace out, blog world!

Okay, okay, maybe that was a bit too . . . harsh, full of excitement, eager . . .

I really didn’t mean to sound like any of those. Perhaps, it’s the sense of the earth finally giving out on me that has brought panic to my voice. Who know. Bottom line, even if I did know, it wouldn’t change what I’m about to announce.

I know that some of you were expecting another series on The Best of Both Worlds: Being a Hybrid Author. For those who are disappointed, I’m sorry. I truly am. I had high hopes for the series. Big dreams that I have to crush with a large hammer then watch them shatter into a thousand pieces.

Okay, now maybe that was a little too dramatic.

It’s early and I need another cup of tea.

Anyway, back to my announcement. As the title has suggested, I am taking a rest of the year break. I do have a couple of blog hop posts and some holiday cheer to end 2018; however, aside from those, this post is it for me until the new year. I have a nearly finished manuscript that agents are waiting on and I need time to get it done for them. In other words, I’m stretched thin, people. Wafer-ice thin and it’s cracking all around me.

I hope that you all have a great rest of the year. Happy Halloween, Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

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5 Comments on “Rest of the Year Break #writing #amwriting #amwritingromance #romance #historicalromance

  1. We’ll miss you, but your manuscript is way more important! Wishing you the best of luck, and we look forward to the announcement that your next book was picked up.

    • Thank you! It’s finished as of this morning and is off to beta readers. Now I have to wait to see what everyone thinks. It’s testing my patience and it’s only been like 3 hours. Lol.

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