Splash into Summer Giveaway Hop #sweetandspicyromance #romance #amreading #giveaway #contemporary

Welcome to my stop on the Splash into Summer Giveaway Blog Hop hosted by Bookhounds!

I have no idea where June came from, but hey hey hey, it’s summer!!!

Aside from enjoying the days off from school and the warmer temperatures, I don’t have any big plans for the summer. Maybe I can actually get some writing done. Wouldn’t that be a nice change.

Anyway, so what do I have for you on my stop of the hop? A FREE eBook copy of my Contemporary/Humor novel, The Parking Space se in the beautiful islands of Bora Bora!

Helen Wright is done with love. Left at the altar then stood up by a blind date, her only significant other is her real estate career and her fat, orange tabby, Charlie. When her wealthiest client fires her then bad mouths her all over the city, Helen’s professional life becomes as pathetic as her love life. Her only consolation is a much-needed vacation to Bora Bora to attend a friend’s wedding.

Single again, veterinarian Rick Stark needs only three things: a new practice, a new city, and new place to live. He’s desperate to move on from his cheating ex-fiancée. Tired of spending the night on a friend’s couch, he jumps at the opportunity to apply for the perfect job on the beautiful islands of Bora Bora. Upon meeting the shy and introverted Helen, he finds himself oddly determined to help her have fun instead of letting her hide in her overwater bungalow.

Can they both find love again? And if so, what are they supposed to do when her old flame pops back into the picture wanting to reignite the engagement he once ended?


I watched Logan tackle the blonde and playfully push her down onto the grass. Unaware of their audience, their teasing banter changed into a heated passion as he ripped off her bikini top.

The icing on the cake to this horrible day, ladies and gentleman, another woman’s boobs.

Hearing her moans of pleasure sent heat flushing through my skin, burning it several shades of red and I fled back inside my apartment, shutting the door behind me with more force than I meant.

Seriously? He’s outside for the whole world to see.

“Um, I’ll have to check with Michael in the morning, but I really don’t think he’ll have a problem with it.”

“And none of your clients will mind?”

“No, I think they’ll be okay. I’ll give them a call in the morning, too.”

She laughed. “Are you sure about that? I mean, will all your clients be okay?”

“If anyone needs to see a listing or has any questions, I’ll have Jason handle it. He owes me a couple of favors after I helped him with some title work.”

“Yeah, but will he want to deal with Reece?”

I closed my eyes. I hated not telling Lisa about what happened, but right now, in this moment, I didn’t want to talk about it nor hash out the details of what had happened. With the disappointment so fresh in my mind, the bitterness began to sting and my eyes misted with tears.

“He’ll be fine.” I brushed off my emotions. “So Wednesday, huh?”

“Yes, for six glorious days we will bask in the sun, drink fruity, out-of-this-world cocktails and I shall walk down the beach and become Mrs. Ben Hogan.” With the last of her words, she squealed.

“Yes, yes, you will.” I laughed. “Okay. Well, wow. I guess I’ll start packing then.”

“Ah, packing. I’ve already started mine. Don’t forget, lots of shorts, tank tops, and bikinis.”

Bikinis? A shopping trip might be in order tomorrow after work, too.

“Will do.”

“I’ll call you tomorrow with more details. It’s late and I’m exhausted. Night.”


I hung up the phone and plopped on the couch for a third time. The whirlwind of the day fought with a range of misery and excitement all at the same time. From a horrible showing, to talking to Tom, to getting fired, to losing my future plans, and finally to watching my bare-chested hot, annoying as hell, neighbor engage in sexy foreplay that I so desperately desired . . .

I closed my eyes and sipped on my glass of wine. The burgundy and berry flavors washed over my tongue. Charlie meowed from the floor, and with one swift jump, purred as he tiptoed across the couch and forced his way onto my lap.

“And what should I do with you?” I asked him, scratching behind his left ear. “A weekend here and there is nothing, but I don’t think you’ll be okay for seven days. I guess I’ll call Bayside in the morning to see if you can stay with them for the week.”

A whole week.

A whole week while I’m on vacation.

A whole week on vacation in Bora Bora.


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