Beach Reads Giveaway Hop #sweetandspicyromance #romance #amreading #borabora #contemporary

Welcome to my stop on the Beach Reads Giveaway Blog Hop hosted by Stuck in Books! Living in Oklahoma, I don't get to see much beach time. Unless it's the not so white, but sometimes sandy beaches of a lake so murky you can't see anything no matter how hard you try. However, that doesn't [...]


Historical Landmarks ~ Burkel Estate #romance #historicalromance #amreading #amreadingromance

When I took my research trip to Montgomery, I had wanted to stop by Slave Haven Underground Railroad Museum in Memphis. Unfortunately, time got away from us and we couldn't stop. I still would love to visit the place, though. Maybe one day I will. Even though I wasn't table to see it in person, [...]

Welcome Meggan! #historicalromance #romance #amreading #amreadingromance

Meggan Connors is a wife, mother, teacher and award-winning author who writes primarily historical and steampunk romances. As a history buff with a love of all things historical, she enjoys visiting both major and obscure museums, and reading the histories of the Old West and the British Isles. She makes her home in the Wild [...]

Love in Bloom Giveaway Hop #sweetandspicyromance #romance #historicalromance #amreading #amreadingromance #giveaway

Welcome to my stop on the Love in Bloom Giveaway Blog Hop hosted by Bookhounds! So what do I have for you on this stop? A prize gift package including $10 Amazon Gift Card and a free eBook! To enter click on "Enter Giveaway". Alexandra Monroe is a slave smuggler, smuggling slaves north to Tennessee [...]

My trip to Montgomery, Alabama #sweetandspicyromance #romance #historicalromance #civilwar #horses

While I was writing and researching my debut novel, The Woman on the Painted Horse, I took a trip to Montgomery, Alabama. Yes, I know the picture say Arkansas, we just didn't stop for pictures with the Alabama sign. Why I have no idea, since it would have made sense. Hindsight is always 20/20. Anyway, [...]